Girl’s Pleasure

I finally got to introduce my new friend to Mandy and Sara. I first met her last year when she had separated from her husband and had been playing some with Shaun. She had never tried bi or a threesome and well we made it happen. A few months later she had a threesome with Keith and I. My friends have been wanting to meet her but everyone is always busy and scheduling naughty time is the most difficult time to schedule. Well the three of us were headed to Long Beach for the dōTERRA Leadership Conference, so I flew down to Salt Lake Sunday evening and they picked me up and we had a night of fun in Park City. There is a lot you can do with 4 girls in a king sized bed, plus add a few toys and the possibilities are even greater. There was scissoring, swapping, threesome, foursome, strap on fun, double dildo, mutual masturbation, vibrating egg and oral. Lots of oral. We managed to go until sometime between 2 and 3 am when everyone crashed. She is definitely bi in case you were wondering. I think the most fun of the night was scissoring and making out with one of the other girls scissoring to. It was about as orgy of an experience as I have ever experienced. No cock but some very satisfying orgasms. Some times when playing with friends I find myself watching. Not sure if that happens to you as well but very intense watching others have sex. Maybe it’s the sensory overload. All the senses are heightened with sex happening. Sight, smell, sound, touch and definitely taste all off the charts! I like cock but honestly girl girl is the peak of pleasure.

Spent Monday thru Wednesday in Long Beach at Leadership. Late nights talking and hanging with friends. Wednesday night we hit Universal Studios and had some fun with our team. Thursday totally exhausted arrived home and caught up on sleep Friday. Keith wanted to go to his mission reunion but I had hit the wall. I am grateful he realized how tired I was and we skipped the trip. I needed the recharge that Conference weekend brought. Totally in awe how awesome Conference was. I hope everyone had an incredible Easter and time with family.

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