The Date

Back in Utah this past week for a Spring Corporate Event for one of my clients. Friday night I had a date planned with our recently divorced friend Jordyn and one of her friends with benefits. We met in Sandy at Buffalo Wild Wings just after 7 pm.

Keith has been open to me possibly going all the way again. It really turns him on but Shaun is rarely able to get away. This seemed like a good way to meet someone new. No promises were made, so there was no expectations. Jordyn promised me I would like him though and WOW was I in for a surprise.

I figured I would watch them and if I decided to play it would be easy enough to get involved. When I walked in they were waiting and first surprise…there were two guys waiting with her. They didn’t look bad and she had a huge smile. I was like ok roll with it. The guys were early 30s and like 6′ and 6’2, so pretty tall and good looking. We ordered a bunch of wings in a bunch of flavors. They were fun and flirty.

They are part of a group of mostly LDS single and some divorced friends she hangs out with. They all fool around some and a few go all the way but it’s just a fun group of FWBs which is kinda cool. These two guys were two that enjoy sex and are open minded. They hadn’t ever been with anyone married or a group experience but were willing. I guess a willing heart makes for a good time.

We ended up back at her place around 9 pm. I had a make out partner, she had a make out partner, we made out with each other. I made sure Keith was still ok with me going all the way. Last chance to say no and all. No objection so we did the naughty almost immediately. I did not need much foreplay I just wanted cock!Seriously sex with someone new has to be the most intense sexual experience there is. It just takes your breath away. After about 15 minutes we swapped and I got my second new cock of the night. I don’t think I have ever wanted cock so much. We had the guys use condoms but they swapped back and forth between us for awhile. I couldn’t get enough. I loved, loved, loved that! One was about the same as Keith but was so hard! The other a bit thicker and that was so very nice. They both knew how to fuck.

Sex with them was a bit different in that I had never met either of them before Friday night. The other guys I have played with I had some sort of relationship with. Knew them somehow or friends like Shaun or my best friends hubbies. So the dips and fun had passion and excitement from familiarity and a sexual relationship happened as a result. Friday night there definitely was attraction. We flirted and laughed but within 2 hours were naked and fucking. It was more raw passion and it was getting off. Much more carnal. I may never meet either of them again. Hard to explain but I liked it. There was oral. Lots of oral. We swapped and did 4 variations of threesome. I’ll let you figure that out. (: Jordyn and I had some girl girl fun while the guys recharged as well. Fell asleep around 2 am. One of the guys woke me up as he slid into me at 5 am. I didn’t even know who it was at first. That is a very nice way to wake up. I was hoping to try DVP but I chickened out. It was their first group experience and I didn’t want to freak them out with an unusual request. Keith knew I was getting laid but didn’t know there was two guys. I told him when I got home. He wanted all the naughty details. Literally a play by play. He wasn’t upset but said I may have earned my SLUT achievement. I think he likes having a Slut Wife. It is kind of cool to have a new experience once in awhile. I am still tingling from it.

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