East Coast Tour

First off we flew in on the day of the Boston Marathon. It was rainy and a bit miserable for those out there. A huge shout out to the American woman that won. First time in years. Inspiring story of overcoming failure and adversity. Watching her as they wrapped the American flag around her brought tears.

We had several business goals this week we were hoping to achieve. After we arrived in Boston, Keith and his business partner got one rental car and headed south to Woods Hole. They needed to get there in time to catch the last ferry headed for Martha’s Vineyard. His partner’s wife joined us and we went and got checked in at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

If you ever get the chance this is an amazing hotel. We had two City View Suites, so had some nice space for meetings on Tuesday. Monday night we went and explored the wharf, did some shopping, had dinner and Virgin margaritas. I was able to go for a 5 mile run on the Boston Greenway Tuesday morning. Such a beautiful city and the Greenway transformed Boston. Tuesday night we had a dōTERRA event and I just live for these nights.

Wednesday we headed to Orleans on the East of the Cape. Had more small group strategy meetings and met some new people as well. The event was smaller Wednesday night. I really like groups of 40-50. It is easier to get time with everyone. Beyond that the dynamics change. My favorite size is about 20 but unfortunately when you are spending money and time traveling the economics don’t work.

Thursday we headed West to Woods Hole. I had some other business we needed to accomplish before meeting Keith and his partner on Martha’s Vineyard. We got off the ferry late afternoon and did a tour of the Bed & Breakfast venue where we were having our Saturday Summit. We were invited to join the dinner they were having for their staff to kick off their reopening. The Caretaker and the Executive team have done an incredible job. It was very nice of them to take the time to treat their people to such a great meal and night. We raided the kitchen for late night ice cream and then the hot tub before bed. No we didn’t get in trouble (:

Friday was their open house. There were people from all over. We met important people, rich people, influential people and local people. My absolute favorite was many of the locals that came out and hearing their stories. Some had worked there, been married there, fished in the Pond. It was very touching to see the wide eyes at the changes and some tears as they shared memories. The original house had been there since 1790. A place can have a significant impact on many people over that many years. We had some of our dōTERRA leaders arrive later in the afternoon along with a few very special guests. We dined in the private dining room and had Lobster and great conversation.

Saturday started with a run, breakfast and the arrival of guests attending the Summit. Over 300 came. People are seeking goodness in their lives. Here is something that was shared that I hope you will enjoy.

I have discovered the Joy of Philanthropy over the last several years. It can take many forms from simple kindness to miracles. I have witnessed some things to sacred to discuss but there is Love in this world and people are rediscovering it. I was introduced to some people l here that have a desire to help me. They loved what we have been able to accomplish with The Christmas Hope Initiative. I am flying back May 2nd with a close friend that has been a Miracle in my life. We have been asked to speak and I have no idea what to even say. Maybe I will find something in time. We ended the Summit with a performance. Mandy, Sara and I had choreographed to A Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman. We had video playing on the big screen in the amphitheater and then we were performing our dance in front. I was scared. Fortunately I didn’t fall. I do love to dance. The day ended with heat lamps, blankets and those still there watching the Utah Jazz torch the OKC Thunder in game 3 at the amphitheater. Our Vineyard friends were like who are the Utah Jazz? We had them cheering by end of the night. The Jazz are dang good!

It is good to be home. A whirlwind in front of us but I am content.

Life is but an illusion, orchestrated by the Master, to keep our attention.

One thought on “East Coast Tour

  1. That Martin was one smart dude. If you missed the secret to happiness, read again.
    Sounds like you had a great week, keep doing what you do.

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