Jazz Club

We are once again fans of the Utah Jazz. It has been a surprisingly fun season. Definitely did not start out that way. I think the Jazz struck gold with Mitchell. Unlike the Cleveland Browns the Utah Jazz have been consistent in good draft picks and trades. Monday night we had a Jazz party at the Warehouse. We had quite a few friends join us for the game. Had the game up on the big screen and we ordered pizza and wings. It was a huge win and a ton of fun. The dogs had a great time as well. They got lots of attention. Sent the kids home at half time with it being a school night.

Wednesday we did it again except this time we got French bread and over a $100 of deli meat and cheese and made Hoagies. Add in chips and fruit salad and it was a great dinner. Unfortunately our Jazz blew a 25 point lead. Sad night because it started out so well. Everyone was so let down in the end.

Friday night was the third game of the week. Jazz back home at the Vivint Center. We wanted to go down so bad but I had my Idaho dōTERRA Summit here on Saturday. I told Keith to take the boys but he felt I needed his help here. I could of gotten by but maybe we will be able to go next series against Houston. Anyhow the Jazz won. It was a closer game and was a nail biter at the end. I really am not a fan of Westbrook the guard of the OKC Thunder. He is a hot head and a thug. Glad the Jazz put them away. We ordered 8 party buckets from KFC and it was my favorite dinner of the week. I ♥️ KFC! Kids were excited they did not have to go home at halftime. Dogs just like to hang out. Anyway after three game nights and so much fun we decided to call the Warehouse the Jazz Club. We have the projector and big screen, the 75″ flat screen, kitchen and plenty of seating and parking. It just works and we definitely enjoy game nights with friends. When possible always make it a party I say.

Earlier Friday Sara and Mandy arrived for the dōTERRA Summit. I was able to give them a tour of the Barn which is nearly done. We also were able to play Laser Tag with the kids and a few of their friend. Plus they were able to attend the Jazz game night. After the game and celebration we sat in the hot tub for a little while before bed chatting and strategizing for Saturday. We had 122 people attend the Summit. Some great breakout sessions in three different tracks. I taught one of the first sessions on having online classes. We had some enrollments and great training and wrapped up about 6 pm. We will do another one here in six months. We are now off to see the Avengers Infinity War. I hear it will melt our brains. We are very excited. It was a good day.

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