Smith and Wollensky

If you find yourself in Boston you must have dinner at Smith & Wollensky. Incredible steak house and what an atmosphere. We had the Filet and Lobster Tail with the whipped potatoes and vegetables. One of the best places I have ever dined anywhere. They even served us up Virgin Margaritas!

Boston is quickly becoming one of my favorite places I have visited. Maybe it is the frequent visits and more experiences. It could be the growing list of friends. Perhaps the history and architecture. It is probably a bit of everything but I will say this. It is a wonderful place and a place you can explore. Exploration is a thing that makes a journey worthwhile. A few of the things I love in Boston. Driving by the old homes and seeing the dates they were built, running on the Greenway, the Boston Garden and a Celtics game and the Wharf plus so many restaurants. I love dining in cool unique places and I don’t think I could ever try them all in Boston.

Yesterday was a long travel day home. Between two layovers we arrived in Idaho Falls 10 hours later. Both of our families were there to greet us, they even had signs! The dogs coaxed Keith to let them make the trip. It was nice of everyone to make our return so memorable as it was pretty special.

Between dogs crying and us crying we made quite a scene. At home we had rootbeer floats and the Giving of Souvenirs. This has become quite a thing in our family. Boston Celtics tees for everyone. The dogs were so broken hearted last time that I didn’t get them anything that I planned ahead. I had bought them a couple of big bones earlier this week. So that is what they got and oh they were happy dogs. The cat even got some new chicken flavored kitty candy. After that I was done. I was out all night and it was so nice. This morning I made doughnuts and orange juice. Kinda blew the whole Fast Sunday thing. Traveling throws me off. So we will do a make up next Sunday. No regrets it was a great way to start a new week. If the Jazz win tonight I will be very happy! Have a great day everyone ♥️

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