The Red Light

Last night I get a call at 9:47 pm. I answer and a police officer informs me my husband has been in an accident. “He is being transported to the hospital and would I be able to meet him there?” I had just seen Keith an hour earlier at the Church when I left for home. How quickly things happen. How unprepared you are for a surprise like that. All I was told was that he was stable and to drive carefully. I left immediately crying and praying the whole way. The other driver ran a red light. I mean who hasn’t right? Unfortunately it had been red long enough that Keith was already in the intersection. Truck is pretty mangled. I don’t know if they fix it or not. I guess we wait for the insurance company to decide that. I’m just glad Keith is okay. He is very lucky and very sore. I guess in a situation like that it’s not a bad combo. I think today is going to be very chill. Hopefully I can play a good nurse. I am feeling extremely grateful for both Keith and the other driver. Mistakes happen, but so very fortunate for them both.

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