I was chatting with a friend this morning on Kik. He mentioned he had an image in mind of me. It got me thinking. How close is how we see ourselves match up to how others see us?

If I were to describe myself I would say I’m pretty average in most physical attributes. I’m 5’6 124 lbs, green eyes, long hair, 34C, thin. Pretty average height, weight and measurements. If you ran into me at the Smiths or Church you would probably smile at me because I would be smiling at you. Outside of that I blend in very well.

Where I am not average is in personality. I am very outgoing and extroverted. I think sometimes people are drawn to that more than me generally. I have been blessed with many friends. I have a lot of energy and some may call me a bit hyper. Keith has said it’s like a marathon keeping up at times. Being outgoing does have its perks though.

As for behind the scenes. I am a clean freak. A dirty house drives me crazy. Often I can be found mopping my kitchen floor or cleaning out the fridge in the middle of the night. I deal with anxiety. I have mostly learned to cope but I do have some hard days. I have hopes and dreams and have experienced failures and disappointments. I don’t do drama but My emotions are often close to the surface. I get confused and cry when happy and laugh when sad. I love my dogs and cat and my kids are my life. Keith is my one true love. I cherish average and normal because I think it’s about the most real any of us can hope for in life. No matter whether it’s been a good day or bad I am an optimist.

What I believe is that experiences trump possessions and that God loves us all. The trick is to love ourselves. For some reason this World teaches us dissatisfaction with ourselves and everyone else. I have found experiences change us for good. We love to be on the go and looking back on life have made many paths that we can easily escape to when we need another adventure. I am an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ and although I without a doubt fall short of perfection I have a testimony of the divinity of the Savior and his Atonement. I have sought and continue to seek for the gift of Charity in my life. This Charity or the Pure Love of Christ is a beautiful gift.

A few of my favorite things. Skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights, going to the beach or pool, hiking, camping, four wheeling, water skiing, movies, reading, baking and making awesome dinners because oh I do love to eat. I love to run and travel. Late nights with friends and watching the sun rise. I love Mondays and Fridays and Holidays. Especially ones that are food centric lol. I love BYU and the Utah Jazz. Dancing and Karaoke. I also love sex! Ha just in case you didn’t know.

So this is me. I don’t know any other way to be. I try to do most things right but I don’t worry too much about where I fail. We all have the power to dust ourselves off and try, try and try again.

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