12 Monkeys Season 4

It has finally arrived. I want to watch it sooooo bad. I did decide I would start from Season 1 snd rewatch the Story. There have been such long gaps of time between the last two seasons I had forgotten some of the details. So I am loving seeing it again. Shocked at how rich the story is even on a second pass. I really believe Season 4 will be much more memorable because I took the time. If you have not experienced the 12 Monkeys do yourself a favor. Make some popcorn 🍿 and grab a soda. Sit down and immerse yourself into one of the greatest stories ever told.

“You are walking through a red forest, the grass is tall.” Monkeys!

Updated 7/8/18 Season 4 was awesome! Absolutely brilliant!

Times are Changing

One blessing of pain and suffering is the Gift of Clarity. I am involved in a lot of really cool things I enjoy. I realized however that my schedule has really worn me down. My immunity right now is almost non-existent. I am usually high energy, but over the last several months, I have found myself having to psych myself up for things. Just not the me I am used to.

I am going to make some changes in my life. I tried simplifying over the last two years but ended up just replacing busy with newer busy. So after conversations with my closest friends, who independently gave the same advice, I am going to focus on things that only I can do. There are capable and trustworthy people in our lives that are willing to do more. We can do that. I have never been afraid of change but often have been slow to it. Change for me typically has occurred after its past due. This experience has been a huge wake up call.

One advantage of empowering others is the growth and opportunities that benefit all. Personal growth is a very real thing. People find the greatest joy in life when they can make decisions, when they are trusted and most importantly when there is the risk of failure. I have always believed in bringing good people together and great things happen. Now we are going to act on that belief and level up. I am very excited to see what the future brings. I need a little more of this…

…to do more of what I really care about.


I have experienced something this week that no one wants to go through. Shingles. What exactly is Shingles you may ask. If you ever have had chicken pox the virus stays with you forever. Shingles is from the same virus and typically occurs after age 50. It can occur at any age though.

Suffering. Shingles is a rash and sores that cause your nerves to light up. It is itchy and painful. Debilitating is a good description. Everything hurts. Moving your arm, clothes, being touched, breathing in my case. I have been somewhat lucky in using dōTERRA essential oils to find some relief. It hasn’t spread nor am I dealing with a lot of sores. It’s mostly been the pain. Supposedly it clears up after two weeks. I am totally ready. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain and this has kicked my tail.

Remember that game you played as a kid. Where someone would trace letters on your back with their finger. Spelling out things like the boy they liked. Yeah don’t do that. It leaves a trail of pain.


I love this pic. I found it today scrolling on Facebook. It just spoke to me how things sometimes do. This is kind of like life. There is a road we all travel. Some complain the trip takes too long, some that the skies look dark ahead. Some don’t even see the rainbow because they are too focused on the distractions the Journey inevitably puts in our path. All I see is that rainbow. Maybe I am unique in this, although I don’t think so. I am definitely the one that pulls over, gets everyone out and takes the pic.

Pause to enjoy the miracle and share it with the world. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to miss the beauty of life. We are constantly fed a barrage of ugliness that comes no matter what. The irony is we often have to make time for the beauty being offered to us. Step out of the current and enjoy the calmness of the pools. It may take time to break habits but the views and experiences are so much richer.

New Orleans

I have been putting a trip off to New Orleans for a few months. I have been there once before and it didn’t leave a great impression on me. So we had a week with the older kids off to Trek and we had no excuses left. We dropped out little guy off with family in Utah Sunday, celebrated Father’s Day with Keith’s parents and left early Monday for the Big Easy. We arrived early afternoon and checked in to a great little hotel in the French Quarter called the Hotel Provincial. Oh and by the way building 5 is haunted.

Day one we had dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans. Salad, burger and fries plus Virgin Margaritas! Got some tees and did a Ghost Tour at 8 pm. The guide was great, we learned some history and even got a little scared. There are some places in the French Quarter that are a little creepy.

Tuesday we had business most of the day. Our agent and his wife took us to dinner at Morton’s Steak House. I had the Filet, Keith had Prime Rib. What you must know is that their Legendary Sundae is absolutely amazing. I did share but I got more than Keith did.

Wednesday we completed our business and was introduced to someone that may help us on a few projects. She was awesome and sure understands what we were after. Excited to work with her. We got to see a really cool property on Royal Street. Half a block away from Bourbon Street. So basically the heart of the French Quarter. It was built in 1853 and has been with the same family for six generations. Beautiful 12 foot ceilings, a private courtyard, private parking, a balcony room and balcony overlooking Royal Street. It was pretty awesome.

We flew home Thursday. Keith’s dad had our son and one of the cousins. He drove us back to Park City. Retrieved our cars and headed home. Got caught in ugly traffic so was later than expected back in Idaho Falls. Stopped at Wendy’s in Brigham City for dinner.

Friday night was Cinema Night. The boys had friends over to watch Cars on the Lawn and our daughter had friends to watch Ghostbusters in the Theater. Keith grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Chips, soda and homemade ice cream to round it out. Lit the Barn in green last night for last call.

Today I slept in. Honestly was crazy tired. Got up at 8 and went for a run. Went to Smiths for groceries and then had a dōTERRA class on google hangouts. Pretty good sized group I was excited. Took a nap and now I want to go out and eat. I’m hungry lol. It was a good week!

Regarding New Orleans. I enjoyed it more this time. Maybe it was because I got to experience different things and see some pretty cool places. It was busy but not as hectic. It is a place you can see some bad things but there is a cool side as well. I may go back someday.