Utah Sleepover

I had been planning a trip to Utah for a couple of weeks. Jordyn had someone she wanted me to meet and I needed a break. Since Sunday our little get together evolved into a party of about a dozen friends. I arrived Wednesday afternoon and went to Mandy’s home in South Jordan. We hung out a couple of hours waiting for Sara to come up. Ended up having dinner at Market Street Grill in South Jordan and then to the party. It was fun meeting some of her peeps. It didn’t take long and Mandy was making out with one of the guys. We all end up getting to make out and pet with 6 guys! Also the nightly activities included lap dancing, musical chairs make out and Strip Texas Holdem. I still don’t know how to play it but I didn’t lose! A stimulating night. Slept in and had breakfast Thursday at Kneaders. I love their Mexican Spice Hot Chocolate. After breakfast ran down to dōTERRA and picked up my end of month order then headed for Idaho. I was in contact with Keith most of the night. He was quite turned on hearing and listening in on the fun. Jordyn has a fun group of naughty friends. I love being married but it is clearly easier to find others to fool around with when your not married. Jordyn is willing to share some of her boy toys with us so everyone is happy.

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