Summer Kickoff

This weekend saw not one but two parties here at the Homestead. School is over and what do you do? Throw a party! Our two younger boys were first up with their School’s Over Bash. They had about 40 friends come and it was a night of pizza, wings and tater tots. Since their Friday Night Cinema was the movie Napoleon Dynamite my friend Fav suggested tots. I was like freaking awesome idea. They were a hit! So after dinner the kids played in the arcade and laser tag. Just after sunset we watched the movie. The Bash and late night was a success. All the tots were eaten.

Saturday night was our daughter’s event. She is now 17 and wanted to have a themed party after her favorite show. All her friends came dressed as if they were part of The 100. She booked a photographer and they had a photoshoot and her brother ran a drone for her. They are making an epic video for a keepsake. We had a couple of the other parents help with her Summer Kickoff Party. There was rootbeer served from the tap, dancing on the LED floor, bowling, rock climbing and gaming tonight. I am very proud of her because she planned this event herself. She worked with a graphic designer for marketing collateral, hired a photographer and her brother for the videography, hired the DJ and arranged catering. Honestly I couldn’t have done better myself. Party is wrapping up at midnight.

We wanted the kids to have something special this year with their friends. Last year we were off to Hawaii right when school got out. This was a great weekend to kick off an awesome Summer.

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