A Need

Today a few of us became aware of a family in dire need. The husband has been out of work and they have four young children under 10 at home. This isn’t a unique circumstance other than they have not secured any assistance yet. I do not know the circumstances as to why they aren’t aware of or using resources available like the Food Bank, Bishop’s Storehouse, Unemployment Benefits or other resources. Today none of that matters. There is a family hungry. It was an incredible experience to be able to deliver groceries and to spend a few minutes with them. They are good people in the midst of a trial. Sometimes we all face a moment when Hope fails us. There is a loss as to what to do. Never, ever forget there are those that care. My feelings are very tender right now as to this experience. There is dignity even in hardship especially when one who is suffering experiences the Love of others. Love chases away all fear and encircles us with renewed Hope. I believe in Miracles and Love is the where, why, when and how they happen. So grateful for an opportunity to do some good today.

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