I have experienced something this week that no one wants to go through. Shingles. What exactly is Shingles you may ask. If you ever have had chicken pox the virus stays with you forever. Shingles is from the same virus and typically occurs after age 50. It can occur at any age though.

Suffering. Shingles is a rash and sores that cause your nerves to light up. It is itchy and painful. Debilitating is a good description. Everything hurts. Moving your arm, clothes, being touched, breathing in my case. I have been somewhat lucky in using dōTERRA essential oils to find some relief. It hasn’t spread nor am I dealing with a lot of sores. It’s mostly been the pain. Supposedly it clears up after two weeks. I am totally ready. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain and this has kicked my tail.

Remember that game you played as a kid. Where someone would trace letters on your back with their finger. Spelling out things like the boy they liked. Yeah don’t do that. It leaves a trail of pain.

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