I am very happy with the direction of the Country. It is awesome seeing so many people waking up from their political stupor. President Trump is certainly not an angel but we didn’t hire him to be. We hired him to be a bulldog and he has been a disruptive force to the political elite. Like him or not, there is no question he has got things done despite the resistance from D.C.

I had an interesting conversation this past week with an immigrant from Mexico. He came here legally and spoke of the corruption in Mexico and how the USA is like Heaven. He said that despite his distaste for Trump that he is right. If someone doesn’t stop the tide of illegals coming the USA will be overrun. He continues to be surprised at Trump’s bold negotiation style, but the results speak for themselves in the weeks and months that follow. He believes Americans are very weak minded. That our media is a huge propaganda machine. One comment he shared that I was shocked by is that people should be very concerned about the Mexican government that wants to bring the American people to their knees.

As an immigrant, with a brother in law at the border wanting to cross illegally, he felt strongly that the Wall needed to be built and soon. It isn’t that he doesn’t want his family here. But as someone that came here legally he recognizes the importance of protecting the borders. I was definitely enlightened by this conversation. The irony, he doesn’t even like Trump, but voted for him because of the immigration issue. Can you even grasp his perspective?

One of my favorite videos

Trump will never be President




Our Friday Night Cinema this week was Thor Ragnarok. It is one of the boys favorite movies. We hosted it this week at the Pool again. In July there is just something really cool about watching a movie in the water floating around. Thor is always “hot”to watch as well 🙂 For some of us anyway! Refreshments were soda, gummy worms, cinammon bears and Scotcharoos. We sent those kids home rocking a mighty sugar high! The Friday Night Cinema has been one of the most fun activities for the kids and their friends. It has become “The Event” of the week. They “announce’ the movie on their social media page each week. They share pics and they even do a little giveaway. Some weeks they do a “Super Event” with food and a pre-movie activity. Our youngest even tells everyone he has a “Sponsor”. I wonder where he got that from? I love their creativity and passion.

Last week they had a cliff diving competition. They had judges and a prize. It was quite entertaining. Needless to say this cliff diving has become a thing around here. Today i was called upon to give technique tips. I was like me? Really? I don’t know anything about cliff diving. So in full disclosure here, their idea of cliff diving is to jump off the cliff and to make as big a splash as possible. So it technically is a splash competition. I have not corrected them as I am the ever supportive mother who has become quite the splash technique expert as of late. So it has been an afternoon.

Tucanos Trip

I love spontaneity. Sometimes it is just fun to do something totally off the wall. Some of you may be aware I love Tucanos. I mentioned to Keith we need to get down to Utah soon because I am craving their food. It was like 4:45 pm and he is like “let’s go!” I was kind of stunned but you don’t turn down Tucanos. So I called them and made a reservation for 8 pm and we were off. I personally think he just wanted to take the horses out for a run more than to go have dinner. I will take it though.

My best friends and their husbands met us there and dinner was so, so, so good! They kept me in pineapple and Brazilian lemonade. I had plenty of the fried bananas as well. Mandy kept turning the little table thing to red and I kept turning it back to green. It was a battle. I finally had them bring her one of her own because I wasn’t done. After dinner we ran up to Park City for dessert and to hang out for awhile. We stayed in Park City for the night and was up by 6 and on the road back home. Didn’t really have anything with us, it was such a fast exit from Idaho. Pretty awesome date night though and friends to spend a few hours with.

Crazy Horny

I have been climbing the walls horny since getting home Friday from Girl’s Camp. Some things going on in my life that is making me constantly wanting sex or orgasms. It has been a combination of some chats I am having with some BYUI students. A couple of guys, a couple of girls and one couple. Some things going on with someone close to me that I am aware of and generally just my lack of sex for a week out in the woods lol. I am very tempted to do more than chat with some of these college students. Seriously thinking about it. Kids today are very sexual. I believe that sex and food are literally always on everyone’s mind. If you haven’t had it you want it. If you have done some you want more. The more you have the more you want. If you haven’t tried group you are missing out. Orgasms are pretty darn awesome. I will admit this, I pretty much masturbated all day Monday just trying to take the edge off of how horny I was. I used my fingers, a rabbit vibe, a bullet vibe, my glass dildo. I just hit that sexual high that nothing was cooling me down. Felt like I was going sexually nuclear. Anyway after all day and 10 orgasms I finally was able to focus on something else. Keith had nothing left after the weekend. He begged off sex yesterday. Would have been a good day for a hook-up lol. Anyway. Naughty thoughts fuel the lust.

Pioneer Day Celebration 18

Up early making breakfast that we served at 8 am. Around 80 people came by for scrambled eggs, bacon, scones and a variety of juices. Sandwich bar was open at noon and the pool all afternoon. It was a hot day so the water was a welcome activity. At 7 pm Keith and some friends grilled hamburgers and hot dogs plus we had chips and corn on the cob. His homemade rootbeer was a huge hit. Fireworks show started at 9 pm and after we lit up the Barn. Peeps came and went throughout the day. I love days like this. Fun to catch up with friends and enjoy great food, music and entertainment.