Thoughts to a Question

A question regarding how I reconcile my sexual lifestyle with my Faith. Here are some thoughts. Be merciful in judgement as we are all trying to work out our salvation.

To be brief I understand it is sin. I believe we all fall short of perfection and being here on Earth in our probationary state is a playground to learn and grow. Maybe as Lamoni of old I will eventually give up all my sins to know the true and living God. Like most imperfect people that believe, I love the Savior. There is much I can do and continue to do to live a Christlike life. I am seeking to obtain the Charity spoken of in the scriptures. God has blessed us with opportunities to serve and to see miracles. Despite my sins I believe he accepts my goodness and offering of where I am today. I appreciate a God of Mercy that still allows me to grow and progress. In the end we determine if we qualify for a temple recommend or not. If I wasn’t progressing and did not feel of God’s acceptance I wouldn’t be there. Worthy is an interesting concept when you think about it. According to a possible definition it could mean keeping every law and covenant of the Gospel. A second could be living in harmony with its precepts and principles. I’m not talking only the commandments but embracing a Christlike life. I fear that our Temples would be very empty by following absolutes. I personally believe God worries less about the sin and more about what’s in our heart and the progress we are making. The scriptures teach that. I have found great peace in my life by being a doer of the Word rather than seeking to be a rule follower. When the woman was taken in adultery there was a great lesson he taught. He did not condemn her, he gave her time to work out her salvation. Had the Demands of Justice at the time been followed according to the Law of Moses she would have been stoned to death. She would have died in her sins. The Savior, having a greater understanding of the big picture always shows Mercy. He has accepted my offering and even as a sinner I feel “worthy” of my recommend. I cannot imagine the Savior casting us out because of sin. That seems to be the rule and habit of men. Anyway my thoughts. ♥️

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