Forever Twenty Nine

Another year has come and gone. They pass so quickly even when you resist. Time is the ultimate predator. Unfortunately the only thing we can do is find Joy in the time we have. This week we definitely found Joy. A few highlights. I almost met up with a BYUI student I have been chatting with. He has been a lot of fun and I might consider some play. Maybe. Life got in the way though, Friends invited us to the sand dunes and we didn’t get back until late. We had sooooo much fun! Got really dirty and no one got hurt. It was nice to be invited out. We usually host and it was so very cool someone thought of us. After we got back and cleaned up Keith and I decided to do something really silly. Sometimes you just have to jump off that cliff.
We had our monthly luncheon this week with an amazing group of women. Loved the food, the speaker and those we serve. We may not be able to change the World but we can change the World for one person.
Friday Night Cinema was a bit different this week. The feature was Tron and we had a Tron themed party including Laser Tag and the Arcade. The kids and Keith lived the dream. It was a fun night watching the movie on the East Lawn under the stars.
Finally today. Twenty Nine at heart. I woke up early. Enjoyed a glass of orange juice and some fresh baked blueberry muffins on the deck. Then went on a 5 mile run with my daughter. I don’t always get someone to run with me so that was a special treat. Keith took me shoe shopping today. Sandals, heels, indoor running shoes and a bonus stop at the buckle for some new jeans and some cute belts.
Tonight was Food Club. It was the largest group we have ever hosted. Almost 200. Many came for the first time because of my birthday. We had it catered and had one of my favorite meals. Started with a house salad. Main course cubed steak, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, fresh rolls with honey butter. Dessert red velvet cake with cream cheese icing plus ice cream. OH. MY. HECK! I had seconds on the cake.
After dessert and Keith putting me on the spot to share a few thoughts we got to the best part of the night. Karaoke! We sang Afternoon Delight. Peeps were laughing so hard! It has been a very fun week and tonight was especially crazy! I had the time of my life. I hate being a year older but the Journey has been worth every step!
We laughed, we sang, we danced!

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