Girl’s Camp 2018

What a week it was!

Meal Highlights: We had Taco Tuesday planned for dinner but unfortunately there was a fail and they did the tinfoil dinners instead. So we had Navajo Tacos on Wednesday. Thursday night we had Shish Kebabs. Our Meal Captains did great on all the meals though. Lots of bacon! We ate well and learned a few outdoor cooking skills.

Activity Highlights: We had an early morning trail run each day for those that wanted to go. The Amazing Race was a blast. They broke the wards up into 3 teams each. Girls from each age group had to be on each team. Our Ward didn’t win, but oh it was so much fun. There were different skill challenges as well as spiritual challenges. We had our movie night of Once I was a Beehive Tuesday night. A very special video made by the Young Men, which I knew about but hadn’t seen, was our activity Wednesday night. There was not a dry eye in our campsite as they shared what they admired about each of the girls. The girls lit up, it was beautiful. Thursday was the hike which I always enjoy. Friday morning the trail run and then camp tear down. The high point of the week was the camp fire testimony meeting on Thursday night.

Campsite Highlights: We had a movie screen and projector. A Karaoke machine and telescope. A medicine canopy with dōTERRA essential oils. Probably one of the most popular amenities was our Smoothie Bar. There were many visitors from other wards. I had to order more supplies for our Smoothie Bar to get through the week. Keith sent up rootbeer and ice cream as well for a surprise treat Wednesday night. The Goal Zero generator this year was a very nice touch. We had power for our string lights we hung, blenders, projector, and our small fridge we brought up. Hospitality to others earned us many kindness tokens.

What we learned: As Daughters of a loving Heavenly Father we are loved. As Daughters of Zion we have a divine birthright and purpose. One of the only places you can laugh and cry at the same time with Grace. I love Girl’s Camp.

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