Our Friday Night Cinema this week was Thor Ragnarok. It is one of the boys favorite movies. We hosted it this week at the Pool again. In July there is just something really cool about watching a movie in the water floating around. Thor is always “hot”to watch as well 🙂 For some of us anyway! Refreshments were soda, gummy worms, cinammon bears and Scotcharoos. We sent those kids home rocking a mighty sugar high! The Friday Night Cinema has been one of the most fun activities for the kids and their friends. It has become “The Event” of the week. They “announce’ the movie on their social media page each week. They share pics and they even do a little giveaway. Some weeks they do a “Super Event” with food and a pre-movie activity. Our youngest even tells everyone he has a “Sponsor”. I wonder where he got that from? I love their creativity and passion.

Last week they had a cliff diving competition. They had judges and a prize. It was quite entertaining. Needless to say this cliff diving has become a thing around here. Today i was called upon to give technique tips. I was like me? Really? I don’t know anything about cliff diving. So in full disclosure here, their idea of cliff diving is to jump off the cliff and to make as big a splash as possible. So it technically is a splash competition. I have not corrected them as I am the ever supportive mother who has become quite the splash technique expert as of late. So it has been an afternoon.

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