I am very happy with the direction of the Country. It is awesome seeing so many people waking up from their political stupor. President Trump is certainly not an angel but we didn’t hire him to be. We hired him to be a bulldog and he has been a disruptive force to the political elite. Like him or not, there is no question he has got things done despite the resistance from D.C.

I had an interesting conversation this past week with an immigrant from Mexico. He came here legally and spoke of the corruption in Mexico and how the USA is like Heaven. He said that despite his distaste for Trump that he is right. If someone doesn’t stop the tide of illegals coming the USA will be overrun. He continues to be surprised at Trump’s bold negotiation style, but the results speak for themselves in the weeks and months that follow. He believes Americans are very weak minded. That our media is a huge propaganda machine. One comment he shared that I was shocked by is that people should be very concerned about the Mexican government that wants to bring the American people to their knees.

As an immigrant, with a brother in law at the border wanting to cross illegally, he felt strongly that the Wall needed to be built and soon. It isn’t that he doesn’t want his family here. But as someone that came here legally he recognizes the importance of protecting the borders. I was definitely enlightened by this conversation. The irony, he doesn’t even like Trump, but voted for him because of the immigration issue. Can you even grasp his perspective?

One of my favorite videos

Trump will never be President



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