I have been preparing for a presentation so have been doing a lot of reading and pondering as to what I would share with a group of like minded people in 15 minutes. What wisdom I would choose to impart in such a brief time is not easy. Not that I have a great deal of wisdom to share but to be relevant and that concise isn’t easy. I have decided to tackle one of the buzz words we are always hearing. Purpose. Here is a definition: Something set up as an end to be attained.

So our purpose is something we are working for. Some sort of driving force that hopefully aligns with our values. The definition feels a bit empty me me. Kind of like goals. I mean really where is the motivation in a goal? Is it any wonder so many fail in their goals? Probably why so many fail in purpose. Here is a definition of Purposeful: Having a purpose, pursuing it with action and determination.

As with all things, actions speaks louder than words or ideas. I have always believed the world is full of people with good intentions. It takes authenticity and honesty to identify your true purpose and be able to draw the energy needed to attain that. Purposeful in my mind is power.

The greatest challenge to all of is in the doing. We may not know today where our passions are that will tap a purposeful path. I suggest begin a journey of discovery. Start a journal, blog or find someway to begin talking about your passions. Therein lies the seeds of a purposeful life and the Joy that comes from A Well of Goodness. You conquer the world by first understanding your passions.

This is a general outline and work in progress.


Truth and Honesty are very different things. Truth has become so subjective in our modern enlightened world (yes that was sarcasm). Some choose to define it to fit their particular reality. When truth is bent to an individuals will it becomes a type of coping mechanism. People that are honest with themselves and others don’t need to manipulate truth. I recognize people can view a particular truth differently. Religion and Politics fit an interpretation of truth. They may not see God the same way or appreciate a conservative viewpoint. The extreme of this is to radicalize religion or political ideology. That is where I see the biggest problem, weaponizing truth. In my lifetime I have seen truth as defined by certain groups be used to erode the foundation of society, outdating core values, redefining marriage, attempting to take away our gun rights and freedom of speech.

Essentially to use the excuse of truth and the justification of offense to change things is a joke. These tricksters demand tolerance to validate things we would never have allowed 25 years ago and then have no tolerance for traditional values when their purposes are realized. Never tolerate madness. Sometimes it does require courage to say no that isn’t right. I believe a war is coming. I believe the initial skirmishes are already happening. It is being fought in social media and the sub-culture that is seducing our children. Not too many years away there will be blood for these differences in ideology. Rage is a lust so many have embraced. It won’t forever stay locked away and they will be coming for those that choose not to embrace the darkness.


Have you noticed how so many people seem to be holding their anger and rage contained…just barely? I had a situation happen today I am seeing more and more of. I am driving down the road. I have the right away. A young mother is pushing her baby in the stroller. Not sure why she was distracted or didn’t see the SUV I was driving but she started to step into the road. Mind you there is no crosswalk. I brake and slow down but it startles her. I understand why. Protective of baby and all. I didn’t honk my horn or flail my arms at her in frustration. I was more than willing to stop. Startled she looks at me and flails her arms in anger and yells at me. Somehow her lack of awareness is my fault even though she was in no danger. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and part of a bigger issue with society. Too many are carrying the weight of anger, bitterness and hate in their hearts. It is poisoning the individual and society. It is like having a rotting vegetable. All the vegetables go bad very quickly. The term I will use that I think sums up that mindset is they possess RAGE. I think it’s ok to be angry at times. We can have that emotion and then we get over it. Rage is more. It doesn’t diminish. It simmers below the surface and then boils over in unprovoked attacks. Flailing arms, harsh words and rage consumes.

Ever notice how a person that gives in to rage is never wrong, does not apologize and generally isn’t a very happy person? I believe we need more patience with one another. It’s okay to need to brake. It doesn’t require a reaction. We could use more kindness. A smile and hello lightens everyone’s attitude. More empathy. Perhaps recognizing there may be a reason someone is having a bad day. Sometimes a listening ear is the greatest act of love there is. I think most important is to avoid the trap of a negative attitude. It is easy and it is addictive. Take the higher road. Forgive and forgive fast. There is very little time for bitterness to take root in soil that is cared for. When we learn to be forgiving in small things the harder things become possible. I really fear for our society if there isn’t a course correction. Feels like we are sitting on a pile of dynamite and fools are playing with matches.


Ok I have been chatting with a few college students at BYU-Idaho. I get that a lot of kids have had sex nowadays but there are still a lot of virgins out there. I always loved teasing and playing with guys when I was in college. A couple of weeks ago Keith and I took one to dinner. I liked him so we ended up parked and making out in the back of the SUV. It was really good and he was very excited and that just turns me on. Soooo we ended up getting a hotel room.

I wasn’t sure about going all the way but I had condoms and yeah we did it. Sex with a virgin is a little clumsy and they don’t last long but just the sheer intensity is pretty awesome. It’s like intoxicating. He came three times that night. We ended up getting together again a couple of days later and I let him dip in bare. Figured might as well since he is a virgin. Keith really wanted sloppy seconds so he came in me twice. Then Keith fucked me.

The day after we hooked up again that morning since we still had the hotel for a few more hours. Fucked twice more and two more loads. Took a morning after pill later that day. It was a very good week of sex. Younger guys really turn me on. Honestly I could do this a few more times. Wasn’t the best sex ever but dang it was some of the hottest ever! I got a very knowing look and smile from the girl at the counter when leaving Wednesday night. There may be a continuation to that story. (:

Wyoming Trip

School starts tomorrow and as is tradition we have a last trip to wrap up Summer. The 2018 destination, Jackson Hole Wyoming. Mandy and family joined us Sunday afternoon and we were off to the Frontier. We had four wheelers, motorbikes and mass quantities of food. We got in around 6:00 and the boys unloaded the toys we took care of getting the kitchen ready. The dogs got to come on this trip and oh talk about excitement. They were running everywhere to look at this and to look at that. They kept coming to tell me all they had seen. The property we stayed in is called Middle Meadow. It’s right on the Snake River and has 6 acres. Here are some pics including a drone pic. Sunday night we played cards late and the kids watched movies and played video games.

Monday included the four wheelers and motorbikes. Found some trails and covered a lot of ground. At the end of the day we were covered by a lot of dirt. Wyoming is a beautiful place. We brought lunch with us and ate along the way. A huge dinner was planned for the grill Monday evening, but rain changed those plans. So we switched upped dinner night and went into town to Big Hole BBQ and wow is all I can say. This is a place worth visiting.

Tuesday we went hiking up the Snake River. Weather was beautiful and the skies were blue. After getting back spent the evening by the pool, then watched Interstellar. The home theater was really nice.

Wednesday we got up made a big breakfast and Mandy and I went for a run. The morning was pretty relaxing but after lunch did some horseback riding. I am really wanting to get some horses. It may be in our future. Still have some things we need to get done at the Homestead but I sure love being around horses. I really enjoyed the time at Snow King. We rode the Cowboy Coaster, Alpine Slide and played in the Amaze’n Maze. Was so crazy! Snow King is kind of like Park City. We are definitely coming back. Ended the day having our BBQ. The guys grilled steaks, ribs, vegetables, corn on the cob, and pineapple. Brought homemade rootbeer with us and it was just a great dinner. Had to go on a long walk after. Those ribs were awesome!

Thursday morning after a run us girls did a little shopping. It was more window shopping than anything. I have spent way way too much money this past year. Committing myself to get back to being frugal and saving. After lunch and a nap we headed back home. Grabbed KFC in Idaho Falls on the way and ate back at the Homestead.

Friday brought a nice run in the morning and a trip to Smiths in preparation for our last Friday Night Cinema of the Summer. Our friends were staying for it and leaving Saturday so it was fun to relax after going so hard the past few days. The kids selected Raiders of the Lost Ark and Avengers Infinity War for the double feature. Their friends started arriving at 6:00 and played in the Barn until the movie at 8:15. We ordered 25 Little Caesars pizzas plus crazy bread and wings for the intermission. It was a really fun night. Mandy got to light up the Barn. She was so excited! It’s kind of like lighting the Y at BYU. A very big deal lol.

Saturday morning I was up early. Made breakfast for our friends before they left. It is always hard to say goodbye.