It happened. For reals! I was here at the Homestead when an SUV pulled up and several of my Idaho dōTERRA peeps grabbed me and we were off. There was reason to celebrate. We had like 5 rank advancements and one was to Gold! End of month rank advancements are a big deal. We hit Texas Roadhouse. I had the filet & shrimp, house salad and baked potato. Plus a whole basket of those rolls to myself. Virgin margaritas for us all and we even got to dance to Achy Breaky Heart with the servers. Then back to the Homestead and did Karaoke and ice cream. The B52’s Love Shack I swear was the song of the night. I think we did it 5 times! Don’t Stop Believin’ from Journey was another one everyone was loving on. It was an inspiring night with a fun group of girls. Great reminder that we are doing good things. We even lit the Barn up in purple last night. For those that don’t know purple is dōTERRA’s color. We won last night.

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