Trek Reunion

I didn’t get to go on Trek this Summer. It was one of the hardest things I have had to miss. Wednesday night we had our Ward’s youth here at the Homestead for Trek Reunion. A video had been prepared of their journey. I think I was the most excited to see it of anyone there. I can see how much of an impact it had upon our youth. Any time you can laugh and cry at the same time good things have happened. I know we aren’t the only Ward in the Church with exceptional youth but dang we have to be up there among the best of the best of the best. After the video we enjoyed Apple Cobbler & Ice Cream or Rootbeer Floats. Yummy!

I have ancestors that were Pioneers. It is remarkable to me the sacrifices made to Come to Zion. Our lives today are quite easy by comparison. I am grateful that our youth get to have this experience. Remembering is a key to strengthening and keeping our testimony. I think the question asked by the Bishop at the end of Reunion had some great significance. It was “what are you willing to sacrifice to Come to Zion?” That is really the same decision that our ancestors had to make. For them it was a huge physical journey. Many even gave their lives for it. Today it is a spiritual journey. Many will lose their lives without it. For both generations sacrifice is the key.

One thought on “Trek Reunion

  1. I am grateful that they have focused trek to be the growing experience it is now for the youth. Truly a great thing!

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