Summer Fading

School is starting soon, Fall is coming fast. Transition seems to be one of the constants of life. An irony. The past couple of weeks have been exciting. Some I can share, some I’ll keep to myself. We had our Friday Night Cinema again last night on the East Lawn. Perfect night for it with some cloud cover but nice weather and earlier start. The movie selection was the new Jumanji. Keith made ice cream. Marshmallow and Cinnamon and they were delicious. We have one more week of Friday Night Cinema before the season is over. The kids have done such a good job of turning this into a fun, interactive event that everyone looks forward to every week.

We have enjoyed time this week in the Pool, on the Flowrider and Climbing Walls. The smoke from the fires wasn’t as bad this week so been able to get my running in. The temps have dropped to. High 70s and low 80s is very nice. Well I’ll work on my sexual adventure post next. It was pretty hot.

6 thoughts on “Summer Fading

  1. Time just keeps moving, even when we wish it could slow. I am glad it sounds like you have been making loads of memories to keep this summer. I hope your fall is just as nice. It’s always a bit sad as summer ends but fall is an amazing time of year. The brisk nippyness to the air, football, halloween! Bring it on!

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