Have you noticed how so many people seem to be holding their anger and rage contained…just barely? I had a situation happen today I am seeing more and more of. I am driving down the road. I have the right away. A young mother is pushing her baby in the stroller. Not sure why she was distracted or didn’t see the SUV I was driving but she started to step into the road. Mind you there is no crosswalk. I brake and slow down but it startles her. I understand why. Protective of baby and all. I didn’t honk my horn or flail my arms at her in frustration. I was more than willing to stop. Startled she looks at me and flails her arms in anger and yells at me. Somehow her lack of awareness is my fault even though she was in no danger. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and part of a bigger issue with society. Too many are carrying the weight of anger, bitterness and hate in their hearts. It is poisoning the individual and society. It is like having a rotting vegetable. All the vegetables go bad very quickly. The term I will use that I think sums up that mindset is they possess RAGE. I think it’s ok to be angry at times. We can have that emotion and then we get over it. Rage is more. It doesn’t diminish. It simmers below the surface and then boils over in unprovoked attacks. Flailing arms, harsh words and rage consumes.

Ever notice how a person that gives in to rage is never wrong, does not apologize and generally isn’t a very happy person? I believe we need more patience with one another. It’s okay to need to brake. It doesn’t require a reaction. We could use more kindness. A smile and hello lightens everyone’s attitude. More empathy. Perhaps recognizing there may be a reason someone is having a bad day. Sometimes a listening ear is the greatest act of love there is. I think most important is to avoid the trap of a negative attitude. It is easy and it is addictive. Take the higher road. Forgive and forgive fast. There is very little time for bitterness to take root in soil that is cared for. When we learn to be forgiving in small things the harder things become possible. I really fear for our society if there isn’t a course correction. Feels like we are sitting on a pile of dynamite and fools are playing with matches.

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