Ok I have been chatting with a few college students at BYU-Idaho. I get that a lot of kids have had sex nowadays but there are still a lot of virgins out there. I always loved teasing and playing with guys when I was in college. A couple of weeks ago Keith and I took one to dinner. I liked him so we ended up parked and making out in the back of the SUV. It was really good and he was very excited and that just turns me on. Soooo we ended up getting a hotel room.

I wasn’t sure about going all the way but I had condoms and yeah we did it. Sex with a virgin is a little clumsy and they don’t last long but just the sheer intensity is pretty awesome. It’s like intoxicating. He came three times that night. We ended up getting together again a couple of days later and I let him dip in bare. Figured might as well since he is a virgin. Keith really wanted sloppy seconds so he came in me twice. Then Keith fucked me.

The day after we hooked up again that morning since we still had the hotel for a few more hours. Fucked twice more and two more loads. Took a morning after pill later that day. It was a very good week of sex. Younger guys really turn me on. Honestly I could do this a few more times. Wasn’t the best sex ever but dang it was some of the hottest ever! I got a very knowing look and smile from the girl at the counter when leaving Wednesday night. There may be a continuation to that story. (:

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