Truth and Honesty are very different things. Truth has become so subjective in our modern enlightened world (yes that was sarcasm). Some choose to define it to fit their particular reality. When truth is bent to an individuals will it becomes a type of coping mechanism. People that are honest with themselves and others don’t need to manipulate truth. I recognize people can view a particular truth differently. Religion and Politics fit an interpretation of truth. They may not see God the same way or appreciate a conservative viewpoint. The extreme of this is to radicalize religion or political ideology. That is where I see the biggest problem, weaponizing truth. In my lifetime I have seen truth as defined by certain groups be used to erode the foundation of society, outdating core values, redefining marriage, attempting to take away our gun rights and freedom of speech.

Essentially to use the excuse of truth and the justification of offense to change things is a joke. These tricksters demand tolerance to validate things we would never have allowed 25 years ago and then have no tolerance for traditional values when their purposes are realized. Never tolerate madness. Sometimes it does require courage to say no that isn’t right. I believe a war is coming. I believe the initial skirmishes are already happening. It is being fought in social media and the sub-culture that is seducing our children. Not too many years away there will be blood for these differences in ideology. Rage is a lust so many have embraced. It won’t forever stay locked away and they will be coming for those that choose not to embrace the darkness.

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