I have been preparing for a presentation so have been doing a lot of reading and pondering as to what I would share with a group of like minded people in 15 minutes. What wisdom I would choose to impart in such a brief time is not easy. Not that I have a great deal of wisdom to share but to be relevant and that concise isn’t easy. I have decided to tackle one of the buzz words we are always hearing. Purpose. Here is a definition: Something set up as an end to be attained.

So our purpose is something we are working for. Some sort of driving force that hopefully aligns with our values. The definition feels a bit empty me me. Kind of like goals. I mean really where is the motivation in a goal? Is it any wonder so many fail in their goals? Probably why so many fail in purpose. Here is a definition of Purposeful: Having a purpose, pursuing it with action and determination.

As with all things, actions speaks louder than words or ideas. I have always believed the world is full of people with good intentions. It takes authenticity and honesty to identify your true purpose and be able to draw the energy needed to attain that. Purposeful in my mind is power.

The greatest challenge to all of is in the doing. We may not know today where our passions are that will tap a purposeful path. I suggest begin a journey of discovery. Start a journal, blog or find someway to begin talking about your passions. Therein lies the seeds of a purposeful life and the Joy that comes from A Well of Goodness. You conquer the world by first understanding your passions.

This is a general outline and work in progress.

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