A Week of Memories

The lows and highs of life give us such a ride. Life is truly an adventure. Keith’s brother and his family had quite a scare with the fires in Utah. The Pole Creek and Bald Mountain Fires disrupted many lives this past two weeks. They didn’t have to evacuate but it was close. Other friends did get displaced. Many feared losing homes. Some almost did. Miracles happen and God does answer prayers. Keith and a friend left last Thursday afternoon to go down. They were prepared to skip the BYU Wisconsin football game and stay and help if needed. They delivered a truckload of water and snacks and helped pack up vehicles of precious things in case the evacuation notice happened.
Keith’s brother didn’t go with them Friday when they flew out with friends to Madison. Understandably so. I hate that he missed that game. The second Miracle of the week happened in that BYU beat Wisconsin. Those of us here at the Homestead were going crazy at our BYU Football Game Day Party but for Keith and the fans there, it was pure Joy. We watched them and sang the fight song with them from Idaho. The face time video was a bit jumpy but we had it up on the screens here and I got lots of high fives and hugs. I love college football!
Sunday after church we loaded up and a couple of my peeps and I headed south for Zion to start getting ready for dōTERRA Convention. Keith had flown back to SLC and we met them in Brigham City for an early dinner at Costa Vida as we crossed paths.
We enjoyed a relaxing Sunday evening listening to good music under the stars in the hot tub. We made smoothies and had good conversation.
Monday was busy. We spent all day delivering dōTERRA product to the properties many of our team were staying in. We provided lifelong vitality, shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste and some of the every day essential oils so our travelers didn’t have to bring too much. We were pretty beat by evening. I treated for dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Dinner was very good.
Tuesday we started with breakfast at Kneaders. Then set-up dōTERRA Basecamp near the Salt Palace in a building we rented for the week. We had many dōTERRA peeps arriving on
Tuesday and Wednesday and this is where they came to eat, get lodging details and pick up their Team Swag. This is also where we had breakfast and lunch the rest of the week. It was a fun place to hold a few meetings and break away from the masses. Wednesday evening we had a Meet & Greet and some of our up line dropped in to say hi. We had a couple of Charter busses lined up to take peeps to and from Park City for those staying up there.
Thursday morning was the beginning of Convention. I really enjoyed it this year. Loved the welcome and recap of where dōTERRA is and going. It was the 10 year anniversary this Convention. The new products are really amazing. They introduced us to the dōTERRA clinics going in and the first locations. I always love to hear Emily speak. Tim Ballard spoke on Friday about the OUR Foundation and the continued good they are doing and walking on Friday for Diamond was a highlight. We may have struck a pose on the stage. (:

We celebrated everyone’s rank advancements but especially Mandy. She is the heart of our team. Many of us would not be here if it wasn’t for her love and passion. Friday Night was our team party. Sara was our Master of Ceremony and we had great food, great music including a Live Karaoke Band, dancing, awards & recognition and so much fun. We had the Party in Park City at the White Pine Canyon property and over 600 guests. I think it was around 2 am when Keith and I got back to our place and to bed. Oh and yes Keith came back down on Wednesday for Convention.

Saturday is always the inspiration day. We had a super surprise guest speaker and performer. When Hugh Jackman was introduced and walked on stage I must admit I was in shock. He was amazing and he and his wife love dōTERRA and use the products. He performed 3 songs and all I can say is. Oh. My. Gosh! Dream come true! Keith and some of the husbands missed out because they left for the BYU game. But we didn’t miss out! If you are a little jealous I understand and you should be lol.
Some additional highlights of the week. Friday night at the Team Party I was asked to present the details of our dōTERRA Summit dates, the 2019 incentives and how next year all of our team will be staying at the same location. Saturday night those that were still here and that came out to Park City were in for a special treat. Mandy had a candle lighting ceremony. She spoke to us about and likened us to an Army. Not an army of destruction but an Army of Light. The message of Hope is very real and resonates in us all. It will heal broken hearts and bring Joy into the soul. This light will spread as fire and forever change for good those that discover it. She then played the song A Million Dreams and invited a few of us to light our candles then we shared our flame with others from our candle. It was amazing listening to the beautiful song and seeing the whole lawn light up in the darkness. We were invited to share our light and to heal the World. It happens one precious soul at a time. I’m exhausted but this was one of the greatest weeks ever.
I thought this was so funny 😂


One of the most awesome places around is the Palisades in Southeast Idaho. Part of the Great Caribou-Targhee National Forest. A few days ago we got up, packed lunch and headed for Arrowhead. First time we have taken the Jeep down there and we were in the exploring mood. Fun to get off the main roads a bit. I would have no idea how to get back to some of the places we found but I guess that is why I have Keith. We have one place we really love. It is a place we imagine having a view and enjoying sunrises and sunsets. Maybe someday, but for now we brought a blanket and after lunch had some great outdoor sex! I did not get sunburned. Pretty sure we weren’t watched but if so hope you enjoyed it!

This though is what I want to see. Need to bring the kids down in a few weeks. Because if Fall looks this amazing I can’t miss it.

BYU Football Game Day

With the 8:15 pm start this weekend we weren’t able to go down for the game. With callings, missing two weeks in a row becomes problematic. Keith’s father, a diehard Cougar fan, offered to fly me down for the game. It is a pretty well known phenomenon that I bring luck. He didn’t offer to fly Keith, just me. I was sure to point that out to him. LOL.

When we don’t go to a game we usually host a Game Day party. This was the first of the season and the first ever in the Barn. I wanted to make it epic. During July 4th I bought like 200 bags of the patriotic M&Ms. The red, white and blue ones. We used butter knifes and separated out the red ones. So around the Bar and on tables we had BYU bowls filled with blue and white M&Ms. I loved it! It is the details that are so important. Later I found out you can order them in whatever color you want. Good to know for the future (: Peeps still thought we were cool.

I wanted to enjoy the game and not be trying to take care of the food and cleaning up. We had the party catered and they send a bartender and a couple of girls to keep up on the food and clean up. We did Game Day food. Chips and salsa, wings, chicken strips, pulled pork sandwiches and we even had Cougar Tails. They weren’t the long ones like BYU serves but they still were the maple bars! The Bar served Keith’s homemade rootbeer and other sodas including grape, orange and cherry. It was so fun and we ate well.

Unfortunately the Cougars lost. I thought with us starting it off with James the Mormon blasting on all the screens and my daughter and I getting everyone going with the routine we were in for a good night. It was awesome energy and just felt like a close game. The score was close, the game was not. But our guests had a blast and we still lit the Barn up in white and blue after. I really need BYU to start winning these if I’m going to convert more people to Cougar Nation. Just saying.

Next week Keith is heading with friends to the Wisconsin game. Road trips are fun but with dōTERRA Convention next week and going down on Sunday there is no way I can make that work. Busy month ahead. Go Cougars! You never know. (:

What I Believe

There has been much outrage regarding Nike’s recent marketing fail. Granted we live in a time where everyone is looking to be offended and outraged over something. Scriptures even tell us that in the last days Satan will stir up men’s anger one to another. Certainly seeing the fulfillment of that prophesy today. I am not outraged over it personally, I think it is awesome that a company as solid and profitable as Nike has the power to blow it on such an epic scale. This is what America is all about. Freedom. You have to know that heads are rolling at Nike. The mega company has lost more money than I can imagine in value. Their competitors Under Armor and Adidas are enjoying Christmas every day right now. In their wildest fantasies this would have never even been dreamed of. This is akin to Apple doing something to offend their iPhone disciples and having them take hammers to their devices.

It. Is. Armageddon. End Game.

Anyway you get it. Why didn’t Nike, a company with an unlimited marketing budget and access to some of the greatest marketing minds on the planet get it? The elite of our society are so out of touch with the average working American. Those upon whose backs this country is carried. You would think the blood bath the NFL has experienced in lost revenue would have tipped the scale but not for Nike. They literally were like “NFL take a seat, hold my rootbeer, let us show you how it’s done!” Anyway I have so enjoyed the fireworks. I personally will buy more Nike product. At least as long as they are the official brand of BYU. I’m not that upset at them for the misstep. Maybe they will lower their prices though. (:

My final thoughts are these. Freedom is a wonderful gift. We have unparalleled rights and privilege in this country. May we have the wisdom to enjoy it responsibly. The constant offense and outrage so many are caught up in is a dangerous cycle. When in doubt always remember Rule 1. Don’t be a douche.

Update. It doesn’t appear Nike stock is in free fall. It is quite high compared to 6 months ago. Is it possible something nefarious is going down? Thanks to a friend for the insight and Keith thinks someone is cashing in.

Pussy and Football

Rise & Shout! BYU Football has arrived. First road trip to Tucson to see BYU play Arizona. Okay a few things you need to know. I called BYU winning this game before it happened. Well actually that is all you really need to know. Ha ha!

Wednesday morning after seeing the kids got off to school the road trip began. First stop Park City Utah. Stopped in Salt Lake City for lunch at the Red Iguana on North Temple. The place is a bit of a pit but the food is incredible.

We had a sleepover planned in Park City with our friend Jordyn. Keith and I had a threesome with her a few months back but Keith only dipped. I think we all have been wanted a repeat. She is so fun in bed. I brought my double ended dildo and it was a fun night. She got more than a dip from Keith this round and I got to suck his wet cock. Yum! Scissoring and working a double dildo can be some serious exercise. The absolute best kind. We lasted a lot longer than Keith. It felt really really good.

Thursday we had some things we needed to get done. Slept in, Kneaders for breakfast, a little business. Business in Park City is always expensive though. Played Keith some strip chess. That always ends well. It was a fun day.

Friday took Uber to the airport and met up with the rest of our group. Mandy planned this trip and we had 8 couples going. I love road trips with friends.

I am not a big fan of Tucson Arizona. The city is kind of a pit. Fortunately we stayed at the Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa. It was beautiful. It was nice to just get away and relax. Gave me an appreciation for the area a bit away from the filth of the city. Excellent food, suites and amenities.

A few things about this Resort. The Pool was insane. Huge lazy river in addition to the Pools. They had poolside dining and Virgin margaritas. The biggest thing was the Ice Cream Bar! I kid you not. I may have visited more than once. It was so cool. It was Saturday morning the girls hit the Spa for massages and then joined the guys for the breakfast buffet. More pool time and we did get a cabana it was way hot.

One thing fun we did on this trip. We got the luxury suite. There was some bed hopping over the two nights. Lots of giggling in the dark and a few gasps. Not saying anything naughty happened. It was all innocent fun.

Saturday took Uber to the Tailgating Party at the Institute there, had dinner, saw peeps, did some cheers with the girls and bought some gear for the game and for the kids. Now keep in mind there wasn’t a lot of peeps that thought BYU was going to win. I was telling everyone we would win. I’m like “we have a veteran QB that is healthy and he has his confidence back. Our D will be good. They are hungry. Arizona sucks.” I made my case but peeps still had doubts. But I was telling everyone we were going to win. Spreading Hope is a thing you know. The Cougars rocked it! Stayed in the game first half. Then second half they owned Arizona. BYU won 28-23. I was so happy. Peeps were happy. Was funny celebrating after because lots of fans were like giving me high fives and telling me I knew. I’m like “darn right I knew!” It was so fun!

Didn’t get a lot of sleep Saturday night after the game. Post game celebration and early rise to get back to the airport. We slept most the way to Vegas. Got back to Salt Lake City and took an Uber back to Park City to get the Jeep. Ended up home around 7:30. Kids, grandparents, dogs and even the cat were all excited to see us. My favorite part of any trip is driving up and seeing the Homestead and happy faces. Go Cougars!