What I Believe

There has been much outrage regarding Nike’s recent marketing fail. Granted we live in a time where everyone is looking to be offended and outraged over something. Scriptures even tell us that in the last days Satan will stir up men’s anger one to another. Certainly seeing the fulfillment of that prophesy today. I am not outraged over it personally, I think it is awesome that a company as solid and profitable as Nike has the power to blow it on such an epic scale. This is what America is all about. Freedom. You have to know that heads are rolling at Nike. The mega company has lost more money than I can imagine in value. Their competitors Under Armor and Adidas are enjoying Christmas every day right now. In their wildest fantasies this would have never even been dreamed of. This is akin to Apple doing something to offend their iPhone disciples and having them take hammers to their devices.

It. Is. Armageddon. End Game.

Anyway you get it. Why didn’t Nike, a company with an unlimited marketing budget and access to some of the greatest marketing minds on the planet get it? The elite of our society are so out of touch with the average working American. Those upon whose backs this country is carried. You would think the blood bath the NFL has experienced in lost revenue would have tipped the scale but not for Nike. They literally were like “NFL take a seat, hold my rootbeer, let us show you how it’s done!” Anyway I have so enjoyed the fireworks. I personally will buy more Nike product. At least as long as they are the official brand of BYU. I’m not that upset at them for the misstep. Maybe they will lower their prices though. (:

My final thoughts are these. Freedom is a wonderful gift. We have unparalleled rights and privilege in this country. May we have the wisdom to enjoy it responsibly. The constant offense and outrage so many are caught up in is a dangerous cycle. When in doubt always remember Rule 1. Don’t be a douche.

Update. It doesn’t appear Nike stock is in free fall. It is quite high compared to 6 months ago. Is it possible something nefarious is going down? Thanks to a friend for the insight and Keith thinks someone is cashing in.

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