BYU Football Game Day

With the 8:15 pm start this weekend we weren’t able to go down for the game. With callings, missing two weeks in a row becomes problematic. Keith’s father, a diehard Cougar fan, offered to fly me down for the game. It is a pretty well known phenomenon that I bring luck. He didn’t offer to fly Keith, just me. I was sure to point that out to him. LOL.

When we don’t go to a game we usually host a Game Day party. This was the first of the season and the first ever in the Barn. I wanted to make it epic. During July 4th I bought like 200 bags of the patriotic M&Ms. The red, white and blue ones. We used butter knifes and separated out the red ones. So around the Bar and on tables we had BYU bowls filled with blue and white M&Ms. I loved it! It is the details that are so important. Later I found out you can order them in whatever color you want. Good to know for the future (: Peeps still thought we were cool.

I wanted to enjoy the game and not be trying to take care of the food and cleaning up. We had the party catered and they send a bartender and a couple of girls to keep up on the food and clean up. We did Game Day food. Chips and salsa, wings, chicken strips, pulled pork sandwiches and we even had Cougar Tails. They weren’t the long ones like BYU serves but they still were the maple bars! The Bar served Keith’s homemade rootbeer and other sodas including grape, orange and cherry. It was so fun and we ate well.

Unfortunately the Cougars lost. I thought with us starting it off with James the Mormon blasting on all the screens and my daughter and I getting everyone going with the routine we were in for a good night. It was awesome energy and just felt like a close game. The score was close, the game was not. But our guests had a blast and we still lit the Barn up in white and blue after. I really need BYU to start winning these if I’m going to convert more people to Cougar Nation. Just saying.

Next week Keith is heading with friends to the Wisconsin game. Road trips are fun but with dōTERRA Convention next week and going down on Sunday there is no way I can make that work. Busy month ahead. Go Cougars! You never know. (:

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