One of the most awesome places around is the Palisades in Southeast Idaho. Part of the Great Caribou-Targhee National Forest. A few days ago we got up, packed lunch and headed for Arrowhead. First time we have taken the Jeep down there and we were in the exploring mood. Fun to get off the main roads a bit. I would have no idea how to get back to some of the places we found but I guess that is why I have Keith. We have one place we really love. It is a place we imagine having a view and enjoying sunrises and sunsets. Maybe someday, but for now we brought a blanket and after lunch had some great outdoor sex! I did not get sunburned. Pretty sure we weren’t watched but if so hope you enjoyed it!

This though is what I want to see. Need to bring the kids down in a few weeks. Because if Fall looks this amazing I can’t miss it.

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