A Week of Memories

The lows and highs of life give us such a ride. Life is truly an adventure. Keith’s brother and his family had quite a scare with the fires in Utah. The Pole Creek and Bald Mountain Fires disrupted many lives this past two weeks. They didn’t have to evacuate but it was close. Other friends did get displaced. Many feared losing homes. Some almost did. Miracles happen and God does answer prayers. Keith and a friend left last Thursday afternoon to go down. They were prepared to skip the BYU Wisconsin football game and stay and help if needed. They delivered a truckload of water and snacks and helped pack up vehicles of precious things in case the evacuation notice happened.
Keith’s brother didn’t go with them Friday when they flew out with friends to Madison. Understandably so. I hate that he missed that game. The second Miracle of the week happened in that BYU beat Wisconsin. Those of us here at the Homestead were going crazy at our BYU Football Game Day Party but for Keith and the fans there, it was pure Joy. We watched them and sang the fight song with them from Idaho. The face time video was a bit jumpy but we had it up on the screens here and I got lots of high fives and hugs. I love college football!
Sunday after church we loaded up and a couple of my peeps and I headed south for Zion to start getting ready for dōTERRA Convention. Keith had flown back to SLC and we met them in Brigham City for an early dinner at Costa Vida as we crossed paths.
We enjoyed a relaxing Sunday evening listening to good music under the stars in the hot tub. We made smoothies and had good conversation.
Monday was busy. We spent all day delivering dōTERRA product to the properties many of our team were staying in. We provided lifelong vitality, shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste and some of the every day essential oils so our travelers didn’t have to bring too much. We were pretty beat by evening. I treated for dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Dinner was very good.
Tuesday we started with breakfast at Kneaders. Then set-up dōTERRA Basecamp near the Salt Palace in a building we rented for the week. We had many dōTERRA peeps arriving on
Tuesday and Wednesday and this is where they came to eat, get lodging details and pick up their Team Swag. This is also where we had breakfast and lunch the rest of the week. It was a fun place to hold a few meetings and break away from the masses. Wednesday evening we had a Meet & Greet and some of our up line dropped in to say hi. We had a couple of Charter busses lined up to take peeps to and from Park City for those staying up there.
Thursday morning was the beginning of Convention. I really enjoyed it this year. Loved the welcome and recap of where dōTERRA is and going. It was the 10 year anniversary this Convention. The new products are really amazing. They introduced us to the dōTERRA clinics going in and the first locations. I always love to hear Emily speak. Tim Ballard spoke on Friday about the OUR Foundation and the continued good they are doing and walking on Friday for Diamond was a highlight. We may have struck a pose on the stage. (:

We celebrated everyone’s rank advancements but especially Mandy. She is the heart of our team. Many of us would not be here if it wasn’t for her love and passion. Friday Night was our team party. Sara was our Master of Ceremony and we had great food, great music including a Live Karaoke Band, dancing, awards & recognition and so much fun. We had the Party in Park City at the White Pine Canyon property and over 600 guests. I think it was around 2 am when Keith and I got back to our place and to bed. Oh and yes Keith came back down on Wednesday for Convention.

Saturday is always the inspiration day. We had a super surprise guest speaker and performer. When Hugh Jackman was introduced and walked on stage I must admit I was in shock. He was amazing and he and his wife love dōTERRA and use the products. He performed 3 songs and all I can say is. Oh. My. Gosh! Dream come true! Keith and some of the husbands missed out because they left for the BYU game. But we didn’t miss out! If you are a little jealous I understand and you should be lol.
Some additional highlights of the week. Friday night at the Team Party I was asked to present the details of our dōTERRA Summit dates, the 2019 incentives and how next year all of our team will be staying at the same location. Saturday night those that were still here and that came out to Park City were in for a special treat. Mandy had a candle lighting ceremony. She spoke to us about and likened us to an Army. Not an army of destruction but an Army of Light. The message of Hope is very real and resonates in us all. It will heal broken hearts and bring Joy into the soul. This light will spread as fire and forever change for good those that discover it. She then played the song A Million Dreams and invited a few of us to light our candles then we shared our flame with others from our candle. It was amazing listening to the beautiful song and seeing the whole lawn light up in the darkness. We were invited to share our light and to heal the World. It happens one precious soul at a time. I’m exhausted but this was one of the greatest weeks ever.
I thought this was so funny 😂

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