A Surprise

Yesterday I was hosting a monthly lunch event. It was an important one to me as I was pitching a new idea to the group. My two best friends showed up from Utah just after 11. There may have been a scream as I was so shocked and excited to see them. It meant the world to me they would take the time to get away for this. We had a fun evening which included indoor rock climbing. There was a race between the three of us to get to the top. Now I’ll have you know I’m not happy with my kids. They were cheering for Sara to win. Extremely not cool. The dogs were cheering for me though. Sara won, but Mandy and I both think she cheated lol. I won at Dance Dance Revolution!

Later after dinner we sat in the Sauna. There was no touching, but we masturbated and had some great orgasms. Made for a fun end to the day. This morning started with a Bungee Workout. Here is a video of what it is.

Bungee Workout Link

HUGE breakfast after our workout and hung out for a few hours until they left around noon. Tonight some friends came over for Bowling. My game is slowly improving, I scored 134 tonight.

The Magnolia

One of the highlights of this past week was our time in Nebraska. Sara and I were able to have our meetings at the Magnolia in Omaha. I love staying at unique hotels and beautiful locations. It adds so much to everyone’s experience. Ambience is an important part of inspiring us to greatness. There were some tender mercies in Nebraska. Things that unite and inspire us. It is what makes a Tribe and draws more to the cause. There was an opportunity to change the world for one. Hugs, tears and Joy.

This past two weeks were full of memories. I am excited to be returning home but I have so appreciated the time spent with so many people. In two weeks I have enjoyed the beaches and beauty of Hawaii. The sound of rain and witnessed a level of compassion I will never forget in Nebraska. Celebrated with friends and family at Homecoming and enjoyed the colors of Fall in Utah. My heart is full.

I saved the best pic for last. This is a Glass Jar. It is very unassuming but it possesses a unique quality. You can fill it with many things but there is one thing above all else that these Jars hold.


The most beautiful thing I have witnessed over the last few years is these glass Jars of various sizes filled with money. These precious dollars have been used to make a difference in the lives of many. Magically on many occasions a sponsor or individual has matched the donations given. There is much love in this World. I saw magic happen again this past week. I will never tire of it. I hope every time she looks at that Jar she will remember Love unleashed.

Homecoming 18

BYU vs Hawaii

There were a lot of questions heading into this game. Benched starting QB and taking a chance on a true freshman to lead the Cougar offense. Could the D hold against a very good Hawaii offense? Would the Cougarettes be awesome again? So many questions. I was prepared though. I came with good energy and was ready to Rise & Shout.

Saturday was an early start after a late night. There was the Cougar 5K Run and then the Parade & Breakfast. Such a beautiful day and fun with friends. We then hit the trail up to the Y in the early afternoon. It is a tradition to Climb the Y at least once during the year. It always happens at Homecoming for us. I have not missed it since 1995. Every. Single. Year. Some traditions are that important.

We were able to attend some pre-game activities and even made it down to the field. Was fun to cheer with friends and the atmosphere was electric last night. Other than some wind at times the weather was perfect. The Wilson Era has arrived. That was a great game and fun to see an old school offensive beat down. After the game we hit Village in. Another tradition. I called them Friday to let them know we were coming. Filled the restaurant at 1 am. French Toast, bacon, OJ and hot chocolate after a win is a great way to celebrate.

This morning came to early. We took the back way up to church in Alpine behind Timpanogos. So beautiful up there. An inspiring morning. I bore my testimony along with my daughter today. It was so good to see old friends and many of the YW I worked with when we lived here. I miss them. Heading home now. Can’t wait to see my fur babies and sleep in my own bed.

Final Score of the game 49-23 BYU dominates. Go Cougars! More of this please. Cougarettes did deliver.


Arrived at 10:15 yesterday morning in SLC. Sara’s hubby picked us up and we went back to their place. We had a couple of hours before their kids got home from school and with all of the sexual excitement of this past two weeks he was rather horny. So we gave him head. I am sure most guys would love two girls giving them head. It is always fun sharing a cock. One thing led to another and Sara and I were mostly naked. She told him to fuck me and despite my jeans still around my ankles he was able to sink it in me. God it felt good. I have only had him inside of me, all the way, a couple of times. He was hard and throbbing and wasn’t going to last very long. Two weeks of build up and oral does that. He pulled out of me and slid into Sara to cum. I got to eat her cream pie. Yum.

Keith and the kids were late getting here so we postponed climbing the Y until after the Cougar Run and Homecoming Parade & Breakfast this morning. I missed a lot this year so looking forward to a full day of fun. Last night we ate dinner at the Foundry Grill at Sundance and caught up with everyone before bed. A busy couple of weeks for everyone. Loved spending the evening with my family. Go Cougars!