Autumn Begins

Wow September just flew by. I thought I better catch up. So here goes. DōTERRA Tour Idaho at the Homestead. Mandy came up to see everyone and was our Key Note Speaker. Wednesday evening was a small meet and greet with about 20 of us. Keith grilled steaks and we enjoyed a nice evening talking. Thursday had some training, education and after her presentation everyone enjoyed the video recording of Hugh Jackman’s performance and presentation from Convention. It was pretty cool and everyone loved it! Some success with new sign ups and meeting new friends. Mandy, I and some friends enjoyed Bungee Workout while she was here. I got to be the instructor! One morning we went for a run and made a big breakfast for the family. Some shoe shopping and lunch before she left rounded out our time.

Keith left Friday with the boys for the BYU vs Washington game. Hillcrest had the high school Homecoming game on Friday night. I went to play photographer again for the drill team and to watch our daughter perform. Hillcrest won a very close game, 13-12 over undefeated Skyline. Was a huge win.

Saturday was the Homecoming Day Date. The kids came here and played in the Barn and we served them lunch. I again did the photography. I think I’m getting really good. BYU Game Day Party started early. There were a lot of great games playing Saturday night. Unfortunately BYU wasn’t one of them. BYU got crushed. The food was great though and always fun with friends. One thing we always do when we travel to away games is buy some souvenirs from the other school. We have been able to put together a really fun display of memorabilia. Fun times except when your cool Washington stuff Keith brought home makes you remember the HUGE loss. The wound is fresh. The blue and white M&Ms didn’t work. Hopefully they bounce back against Utah State.

The boys flight landed at 6 and they took an Uber home. I had made Pork Chips, mashed potatoes, peas and an apple pie with ice cream for dessert. It was nice to spend an evening and make them a big dinner before my trip. I left this morning early for two weeks. Here is my upcoming two weeks. Today off to dōTERRA Tour Hawaii. Three islands, Seven days, One Summit, Four nights of classes, numerous strategy sessions, one on ones, time with those we love and a message of Hope. We then take to the air for dōTERRA Tour Nebraska. One Summit and as many people as we can see in a couple of days. Friday early flight to Utah for BYU Homecoming. Climbing to the Y Friday afternoon then the game against Hawaii Saturday night. Sunday home to crash lol. It will be a lot of fun. I’m excited to spend time with Sara. She is always so much fun. I just always miss my family. It will be fun to be back in Provo with them.

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