Hawaii 2.0

It has been beautiful this week. I love to wake up in the early hours to the rain. It is falling right now. The air smells so fresh and it just sets the stage for an amazing day because you just feel great. Today is Summit. We have a Meet & Greet at 11:30 then for lunch a Taco Bar and the beginning of a great afternoon. Tonight we will have a surprise retirement party for our top leader out here on the Islands. Without her none of this would have been possible. I am so grateful for her and excited that at the end of this year she is going to being sharing dōTERRA full time. She is conquering the World.

DōTERRA Tour Hawaii this time has been completely planned by our leaders here in Hawaii. We have just gone where they have asked us to be, met with who they wanted us to meet with and presented on topics they asked us to. They have rocked it. There are just no words when you see this much awesome! After two nights of classes and a day of workshops in Maui we were off to Kauai Thursday morning. More workshops and a class that night plus a Leadership breakfast Friday morning. We flew to Oahu after lunch Friday. Had the chance to watch most of the BYU game then a Meet & Greet. Fairly informal night but our team surprised us with something so unique and fun. We had some hula dancers come and perform and then taught us how to do it. Can I just tell you? I can hula dance now! It was such a fun time on the beach and with friends. After everyone left the we listened to the waves break and watched the stars on our beach on Kailua Bay. It was peaceful.

Today is Summit. Up early to get ready and to watch Conference. Huge announcement today with Church moving to two hours. Trying to process what that is going to look like and how to best serve our young women. I am grateful to have heard the message from the Prophet this morning even if it was just after 6 am Paradise Time. Plans for later tonight changed. Will be meeting up with the guys I met last trip sometime Sunday afternoon. These guys are very good kissers. Excited to see what else happens. Monday we are going to spend a day relaxing here on the beach and going to see our dolphin friends. We have so much to catch up on. They are quite talkative. Very social dolphins even by dolphin standards.

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