I finally did it

Okay I have been thinking a lot about how to share this. I mean it was kind of a big thing. Almost like losing your virginity. How do you tell others about that? Lol. I guess all I can do is share. So I will do my best. Sunday after Conference we met up with some guys I met in Hawaii last trip. We had lunch and Sara was able to get to know them better. We flirted savagely and ended up back at the property we were staying at on Kailua Beach. Spent a couple of hours on the beach with them. More flirting and eventually went in for some sexual play. It wasn’t a rush to sex. Took our time, made out, swapped guys, teased them a lot. Eventually took turns giving them head. Last time I had let them dip but I loved going all the way. They were really hard. Like throbbing hard. They had done DP before and I have been wanting to try it forever. Keith and I have done him and a dildo in my pussy. I’m not an anal fan so we decided to try them both in my pussy. I will admit it was awkward and we laughed a bit. Just the angle and trying to get it in was not easy. The pressure felt really good and it took awhile even with them lubed, but it finally went in and OMG. Once he got the head in it was easy. Lasted about 5 minutes and I exploded. One of the most intense orgasms of my life. I wasn’t the only one that loved it. Sara is a true believer now. I may not be a fan of anal but I think I may try DP that way as well. Just to see what it’s like. Having two cocks in you is a must have experience. I will definitely be doing that again. Hoping hubby will give it a try with me and a friend (:

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