Arrived at 10:15 yesterday morning in SLC. Sara’s hubby picked us up and we went back to their place. We had a couple of hours before their kids got home from school and with all of the sexual excitement of this past two weeks he was rather horny. So we gave him head. I am sure most guys would love two girls giving them head. It is always fun sharing a cock. One thing led to another and Sara and I were mostly naked. She told him to fuck me and despite my jeans still around my ankles he was able to sink it in me. God it felt good. I have only had him inside of me, all the way, a couple of times. He was hard and throbbing and wasn’t going to last very long. Two weeks of build up and oral does that. He pulled out of me and slid into Sara to cum. I got to eat her cream pie. Yum.

Keith and the kids were late getting here so we postponed climbing the Y until after the Cougar Run and Homecoming Parade & Breakfast this morning. I missed a lot this year so looking forward to a full day of fun. Last night we ate dinner at the Foundry Grill at Sundance and caught up with everyone before bed. A busy couple of weeks for everyone. Loved spending the evening with my family. Go Cougars!

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