A Surprise

Yesterday I was hosting a monthly lunch event. It was an important one to me as I was pitching a new idea to the group. My two best friends showed up from Utah just after 11. There may have been a scream as I was so shocked and excited to see them. It meant the world to me they would take the time to get away for this. We had a fun evening which included indoor rock climbing. There was a race between the three of us to get to the top. Now I’ll have you know I’m not happy with my kids. They were cheering for Sara to win. Extremely not cool. The dogs were cheering for me though. Sara won, but Mandy and I both think she cheated lol. I won at Dance Dance Revolution!

Later after dinner we sat in the Sauna. There was no touching, but we masturbated and had some great orgasms. Made for a fun end to the day. This morning started with a Bungee Workout. Here is a video of what it is.

Bungee Workout Link

HUGE breakfast after our workout and hung out for a few hours until they left around noon. Tonight some friends came over for Bowling. My game is slowly improving, I scored 134 tonight.

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