Today our son returns from his two year mission in Chile 🇨🇱. I can’t believe the day is finally here. My parents arrived last night and Keith’s parents get here early this afternoon. Plan is pick him up, hug him and hug him and hug him. Then the Stake President for his release and back to the Homestead to grill steaks. That is what he wants for dinner. Tomorrow kids are staying home from school and we are having Thanksgiving for him. I am very excited and grateful. #BestDayEver.

Thanksgiving 2018

A Bear Lake Thanksgiving. The family cabin is the place everyone, that can, goes to every year. Since we don’t do Black Friday getting away from it all is always more fun. This year the only ones that didn’t make it were the three missionaries out. Keith’s sister and family were up from Texas. His brother and family from Utah County. I think this is his Mother’s favorite week of the year. There were card games and Settlers of Catan and the Game of Risk. PlayStation 4 , XBOX and Nintendo Switch also made the trip. Our family arrived early and had a late lunch waiting for everyone else. Thanksgiving Eve we gathered together to share what we were grateful for. This is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. We come up with a new and fun way to set the order each year. This year it was by birthdate, month and day. So if you were born in January you went before the others. After our Gratitude Fireside we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and had some yummy hot chocolate.

Thanksgiving morning started with a big breakfast. Most everyone made it out of bed by 9 to eat. The kitchen then became the center of the universe for the next several hours. We had made some of the desserts on Wednesday but it was insane with all of us busy at work. Served dinner at 4 and after was the annual run, walk or roll 1K. I thought I was going to die I was so full. But I did walk, I did not have to roll lol. There were card games and more games Thursday night until late. Friday we had arranged horseback riding. Took a two hour ride up in the mountain. Finally got a little snow and it was beautiful. Saturday we had blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs and bacon along with a variety of juices. The blueberry muffins were because of the BYU game today. There were tickets for the game so a few of us headed down around 4. The first half was awesome. I was like yep this is what I felt was going to happen. The second half came and it turned into a nightmare by 4th quarter. I just really am not happy but we didn’t beat ourselves, Utah soundly beat us in the second half. The Cougars need to learn how to finish a game and to play four quarters. One word to describe that second half…pathetic. The whole team should be embarrassed.

I fell asleep on the way back to Bear Lake listening to the guys talking football. This morning we slept in and Keith and I had some great sex this morning. It was feel better sex after getting our tails whooped. Then the family all attended Church. I love going to Church when traveling. Fun to see peeps you have gotten to know. Keith’s parents are often here so they have made friends. I think it’s cool! We will have a late afternoon lunch then pack up and head for home. Should be back by 5. The dogs have had a very good time although they did not get to go horseback riding or to the Holy War or to Church. I keep having to explain to them they are dogs lol. I am looking forward to this coming week. Our missionary comes home Wednesday. We also are prepping for the Christmas Hope Initiative. This is a very special week. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. ♥️


It is Thanksgiving Day. My favorite day of the year. We are at the family cabin at Bear Lake. Everyone is here but a few out serving missions. Yesterday was a fun filled reunion. Hot chocolate, games, talking, food and even ice cream.

This afternoon will be The Feast and then the Annual Turkey Run, Walk or Crawl Mile. If you eat you do the distance. At this time of year I often spend time in reflection. I saw the Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse pic above and it really resonated with me. This depicts what is most important. We have been able to do some good things over the past several years and want to do more. So much more if given the opportunity. Serving others by lightening their burdens and most importantly giving the Gift of Hope makes such a difference.

My ask this year would be for you to do something. Find a way to serve and seek opportunities when you can. It will change your world and I can promise enrich your life in ways you cannot even imagine. There is no such thing as small when it comes to service and kindness. To the one receiving, it is a Miracle. So even if your service seems inconsequential make the time. God will remember our mercy with his. I love that picture so much I am making a rather large print of it to hang at the Warehouse. I hope many will be inspired to Kindness because of it. God bless.

Arizona Tour

Playing a little catch up. Started this blog post about a dozen times this past week but never was able to finish it. This time of the year brings so much to do and all of it is good. So first thing to tell Hillcrest pounded Bishop Kelly 55-21. They literally beat some of the best football teams in Idaho by significant margins throughout the playoffs to win the 4A State Championship. After arriving back in Idaho Falls there was a party including 40 pizzas, 200 wings and singing “We are the Champions” to very loud music.

Before the weekend there was doTERRA Tour Arizona. So back to the beginning. Monday arrived to the Royal Palms Resort & Spa. After grabbing some lunch we hit the Alvadora Spa with a few of our leaders. I got the Hot Stone Massage and this Orange Blossom Body Buff and let me tell you I felt renewed. Honestly I was so relaxed I could barely walk out of the Spa. I think I found Heaven in Scottsdale. We stayed in the Arcadia Villa and enjoyed a great event planned by our team on Tuesday. I presented on Emotional Well Being and also presented the 2019 Incentives and Convention. I think everyone was very surprised and excited. I loved this Resort and the time we spent with new and old friends.

Oh one funny thing I have to tell you. We had a Taco Bar for dinner on Tuesday. They would make your tacos or burritos any way you like it kind of like Costa Vida. I talked them into providing crushed pineapple as one of the toppings. Sara hates it on tacos and tells me I am a freak because I eat my tacos that way. She bet me I couldn’t get 25 peeps to try it. I told her to hold my drunk and yeah I surpassed her challenge and she is now wondering what is wrong with her because peeps liked it. Ha! She is taking me on a shopping trip for new heels and there is no price limit (:

Wednesday off to Sedona and the L’Auberge de Sedona Resort. The resort and area is absolutely beautiful. Had another spa day and this time I enjoyed the Quiet Mind Massage and an Aroma Salt Glow. We also had a group session of Sound Healing. That was a unique experience with my friends. Thursday was the event and they had so many new people and guests there. I love when someone young, motivated and has no fear is on a mission. I was inspired and she had a lot of enrollments. I think I have several new best friends. We started Thursday off with a yoga class about 20 attended. Breakfast was at 8:30 then the Event started at 10:00. We had a Welcome, Key Note Speaker, then lunch. After lunch we had some breakout sessions. I taught two of them. One on Recruiting and one on Building Passion for Essential Oils & doTERRA. I loved our accommodations at this Resort. Stayed in the Creek House which was huge. It was the gathering place for the late night crowd. Below the top four pics are of the Resort bottom four pics of the Creek House.

Friday we had a chance to do a little touring and see a very cool property that was once a Hotel. Went through a nine year renovation and one of the coolest places I have seen in my travels. We arrived back in Phoenix later that night, ate dinner, crashed early and back to Salt Lake City. I made my connection to Boise in time for the game.

Some final thoughts. At the end of the day it is the relationships we have and build that is what matters. I am very lucky to continue to meet so many amazing individuals and as good as dōTERRA is, it is those relationships that are making a huge difference in the World. Lives are changing and all I can say is WOW I love playing a part and having a means in doTERRA to spread our Message of Hope.

Typical Weekend

Here goes. Keith left Thursday morning for Boston. It was a “business” trip but the BYU vs UMASS game may have played into the timing. Just a bit. He met his business partner there and they took some colleagues to the game this morning. Friday night for us at home was all about the Hillcrest domination of Nampa in the State 4A Semi-Finals game. It was a cold night, but we sent Nampa on a long late bus ride across the State. Final score 41-20. We beat them early and never looked back. Post game celebration at IHOP, then teens came here till late. Love the sounds of laughter and fun.

This morning after sleeping in we hosted BYU Game Day. It fell to me since Keith was away on “business” but the dogs and I made it happen. Right now BYU is crushing it 35-10. Maybe they may salvage the season. Morning games are not easy to cater for but we ended up doing doughnuts, bagels, muffins along with an assortment of juices and fruit. The hit though was the flavored hot chocolate shots. Cream and marshmallows optional (:

This is my life. Family, friends, sports and entertaining. We will do it again next week. I leave Monday for Arizona for dōTERRA Tour and have been scrambling to change my flight back to Boise so I can attend the State Championship Game. Hillcrest vs. Bishop Kelly. It should be a heck of a game. I arrive in Boise at 12:30 so I’ll grab an Uber and join family and boosters to cheer on the Knights. I can’t wait for this week.