Boise Road Trip

And we are off! Headed to the BYU game against Boise State tonight. Kickoff is at 8:15 so tune in. I am hoping BYU opens a can of Whoop Ass on the Broncos. It could happen. One can hope. I’ll be there cheering loud and proud. Staying at the Downtown Hampton Inn & Suites. Kids are excited for the trip particularly because we are Cougar fans living in enemy territory. So this game represents serious bragging rights. We are eating at Tucanos today before the game which is also a road trip highlight. The Hotel is close enough to the Stadium to walk which will be nice.

In other news the Hillcrest Knights beat Middleton 21-17 last night to move on in the Idaho 4A Football Playoffs. Next up Napa. It should be a very exciting game next week. Go Knights! We will be repping both BYU and Hillcrest apparel while in Boise. Problem is the color clash. Unfortunately Cougar Blue and Knight Red is what it is lol. BYU really needs this game because if they lose I have to wear a Boise State Football Jersey the next time they play. However, if I win a whole group of Boise State fans here get to wear the Cougar Blue for the next game. So seriously send winning vibes to the Cougars! Rise & Shout!!!!

UPDATE: I am proud of the Cougars. They put themselves into position to win last night. They had a shot and it was a heartbreaker but that is the foundation you build on. Loss is a big part of a champion’s experience. We had a lot of fun. Met some cool people, both Boise State fans and local BYU fans, plus ran into friends from Utah. Good times!

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