It is Thanksgiving Day. My favorite day of the year. We are at the family cabin at Bear Lake. Everyone is here but a few out serving missions. Yesterday was a fun filled reunion. Hot chocolate, games, talking, food and even ice cream.

This afternoon will be The Feast and then the Annual Turkey Run, Walk or Crawl Mile. If you eat you do the distance. At this time of year I often spend time in reflection. I saw the Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse pic above and it really resonated with me. This depicts what is most important. We have been able to do some good things over the past several years and want to do more. So much more if given the opportunity. Serving others by lightening their burdens and most importantly giving the Gift of Hope makes such a difference.

My ask this year would be for you to do something. Find a way to serve and seek opportunities when you can. It will change your world and I can promise enrich your life in ways you cannot even imagine. There is no such thing as small when it comes to service and kindness. To the one receiving, it is a Miracle. So even if your service seems inconsequential make the time. God will remember our mercy with his. I love that picture so much I am making a rather large print of it to hang at the Warehouse. I hope many will be inspired to Kindness because of it. God bless.

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