Returned Missionary

Well our missionary is home. I had three of my clients Corporate Christmas Parties this week in Park City. There was no way I wanted to leave him after being gone over two years, so I took him with me. We got up early Wednesday and left for Park City. Arrived around noon and grabbed some lunch. He had four of his “Crew” come up from Utah County. They were so excited to see each other. Reunions are a special thing as far as things go. They ordered pizzas and I was off to my first Event.

This is my last year of putting these events on. I have been mentoring a great Event Organizer this past year and both my clients and I believe she is ready to take over. It has not been easy to step aside. This has been a wonderful career. Rich relationships and experiences. I wasn’t expecting to be included in the annual awards and recognition. I was very humbled to be recognized at all three events. My son attended Friday’s event as my plus one and it was special to share in that experience with him.

Thursday the “Crew” hit the slopes to snowboard. My assistant and I got some Christmas shopping in around Park City. It was a nice relaxing day. I love how our clients often include us in getting the employee gifts and swag bags. It is fun to be included in selecting the items and picking cool stuff we want lol. Friday we got up early and hit the slopes. The company had a ski day reserved for their people and their families. The boys came with and we had a blast. I love these private events. Not overcrowded and fresh snow. Friday afternoon my son’s friends went home and as I mentioned he was my guest. Sometimes Keith is able to attend these events with me but I is a rare treat. I loved showing him off and everyone wanted to hear about his mission.

Saturday morning we headed to SLC early and got some Christmas shopping in at City Creek then grabbed some lunch before the BYU – Utah basketball game at the Vivint Arena. BYU won by 15. Mandy and her husband joined us for the game and we dragged my son down to meet the Cheerleaders and Cougarettes. He was not happy with us but it is what we do. I also had a poster I made that had an arrow pointing to him that said “RM Available.” Yes he was embarrassed but he took it well. Great win and a fun time. He has learned to put up with me. I think most every young man there would have traded places with him in a heartbeat to go court-side to meet all those beautiful girls. Just saying.

Sunday has been pretty amazing. I was up last night getting treats made so slept in until 8:30. Our daughter made blueberry muffins and we managed to get to Church 30 minutes early. He did sooooooo good. His talk was on Humility. It has been a true blessing to our family having a missionary out. I am grateful he is home but what a great opportunity for him to have served. After Church we had an Open Barn Homecoming Party. Hoagies and potato chips. The ones with the ridges. Potato salad, fruit salad, lemonade and treats. I made Scotcharoos. We lit the Barn at 5 after the sun went down. We heard a few mission stories tonight and most everyone has left but his cousin and a few friends. They are playing video games. My heart is full.

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