Sundance Film Festival 2019

This is our third year hosting some of our own events at the Sundance Film Festival. An ever evolving experience for sure. Here are some highlights of the week.

Monday left around 10 for Utah and into the storm. Didn’t have too much trouble as we were able to miss most of the traffic. Fun way to start the week was a Jazz game. Unfortunately one the Jazz did not win against Portland. We still had fun despite the loss. A suite, friends and food makes for a great night. It was snowing when the game was over so made our way slowly back to Park City.

Tuesday slept in a little later than normal. My assistant and I went for breakfast at Kneaders then to the Rock Resorts Spa at the Grand Summit. I got the Hot Stone Massage! Eighty minutes of bliss. After a relaxing morning we got to work on Swag Bags. One of the things we are doing this year is live interviews from Park City during the Festival. We have used Zoom and Facebook Live as well as recorded them and will use them across our social media and blogs. Gives us a great way to stay connected and for others to virtually participate. We will be trying to do more of this all year while on Tour and at Summits, Convention and other Events. The first interview was with Mandy and Sara. They shared some keys to success in how to get started in dōTERRA and used me as an example of what not to do. They even had a top 10 list. It was not very nice but I’ll admit it was very funny. Anyway I still love them despite that list. Wrapped up the evening with a dōTERRA Event with a pretty large group.

Wednesday our top leader from Hawaii arrived. I interviewed her and she shared her experience of transitioning from a successful career as a Realtor to one as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. I loved her “Why” and her advice. She is a Rock Star! One of the Board Members from the Foundation set up a meeting at 2 with a potential donor. We met for a couple of hours and it was good. He asked an unusual question that I wasn’t sure how to respond but I felt prompted to reply “we are building an Ark.” it was a surreal experience as he reached into his pocket and gave us a cashier check. It was a shock and I guess he liked the answer. Grateful to a good conversation with a true friend that planted that seed of an idea in my mind. To wrap up the night we attended the Jazz game against the Nuggets. Big game, big win! The Cougarettes also performed at the Jazz game. Loved the whole night!

Thursday was the official start to Sundance. Interviewed one of the Event Group Partners and we discussed how to pull off a great event. The Event Group had their Sundance Party that night and we had close to 500 guests including vendors, planners and clients. A few of their planners made appearances and left to check on some of their events. Everyone was able to attend at some point during the Party. We had so much food!

Friday was Ski day. Lots of friends and family came up. I served hot chocolate and treats. Caterers kept the food and drinks stocked. One thing I love about this property is you can ski in and out. Just down the hill is the Dreamscape lift. Had plenty of visitors all day, even met a few peeps that stopped to say hi. We fed them to. Strangers sometimes turn into the bestest of friends. Interviewed one of our Board members and he talked about how they have made giving part of their company culture and why they are so passionate about the Foundation. He needs to be speaking way more than me in the future. The Foundation Party went really well and guests were generous. We also had a celebrity appearance later that night and oh it was so fun, I crashed around 2:30 totally exhausted.

Saturday was Friends and Family Day. Our son came up Friday evening and brought some friends from BYU. Keith had ran up Friday to get the kids and bring them down as well. Keith’s brother came up with his family and a lot of friends locally either came by during the day to eat or ski or both. The Friends and Family Party was awesome. It was family friendly and we had the PlayStation 4 set up on a huge screen. There was a pool table, darts, movies, food, Karaoke and Keith and some of the guys had snowmobiles ready for afternoon and night rides. Honestly I think he was relieved to get out of the house. He isn’t a mingler. I interviewed our daughter that evening about being a young entrepreneur and how she was making that work. She is a smart girl.

Sunday was spent out early enjoying the incredible weather. Walked Main Street, window shopped, and headed back for lunch and to get ready for the VIP Party. A red carpet was laid out tonight and a couple of photographers to capture the moment. Tonight, those we do business with or have in the past were invited. Party is still going on but I wanted to finish this blog post up. It has been another fun and exhausting year. I had my final interview tonight with a Founder and they shared insights on Vision. A second interview with a mascot and oh that was hilarious. I finally have validation. The interviews wrapped up with Mandy and Sara interviewing me. They asked me what has been on my mind? That kind of question could lead to trouble lol. Honestly though, I just wish people would be kind. We need more of that.

A few things this week that I loved. Having the BYU game on Thursday night and the Jazz game on Friday night on all the screens and watching the game with so many friends. Best way to watch sports is with a crowd. The catering was amazing and I loved that so many people dropped by. Seeing our son and meeting some of his friends was definitely cool. The Photographers were great and we had our own Sundance backdrop with our Sponsor logos with the Sundance 2019 logos. The night snowmobile rides I will never get tired of. The surprises of Sundance are a real treat and that includes celebrities as well as the crazy beautiful weather.

Good vs. Great

There are a lot of haters of Tom Brady and the Patriots. Is it because they win too much? Other dynasties like the Chicago Bulls, New York Yankees and current day Golden State Warriors don’t seem to have the same level of hate directed at them. Maybe it’s because he is white. Don’t want to drop the racial card, but is it a possibility? I find the hate kind of funny and I think Brady thrives on it. He is a fierce competitor. The pic above really illustrates the mental difference between Good vs Great. This characteristic is not just in sports either. I’ll call it Focus.

Tom Brady doesn’t care about the Pro-Bowl, he cares about Rings. What is the path to the next championship and what needs to happen to get there? Winning from behind, in the fourth quarter, in overtime, winning hurt, beating a team with a better record, on the road, in bad weather. It doesn’t matter, it’s just problem solving to get the desired result. Champions, whether in sports, work, parenting or whatever have Focus. This is their Purpose and it is what gives them the Motivation to do what others won’t. When you have bought into Focus you don’t need external stimuli to drive you. You have no excuses strong enough to deter you. You are a doer and you make it happen. Sometimes miraculously, often by sheer will.

I remember watching a game between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz during the NBA Finals. Jordan had the flu and was doubtful to play in SLC. He somehow played the whole game. Epic performance. Most players would have set that game out. Jordan was willing to do what most wouldn’t and not only play but perform at a peak level. They literally had to help him off the court after the game, he had nothing left to give. His focus was another Ring, which he got. Keith and I have tried to be Great in a few things. We haven’t always been successful, sometimes you lose. Focus has more often than not led to a few successes. I guess what I am trying to say is if you want something you have to be willing to do what others will not. That is the difference maker.

Cock Candy

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  • Confession

    Last night was awesome, but it wasn’t awesome for me. It is not fun to be in pain, kind of a downer and hard to be your normal social self. I asked for help a couple of weeks ago in planning the Open House because I mentally was just not up for it. I have been thinking, “am I being selfish?” This was a big deal and on any other day for me it would have been as well. Several friends I have confide in set me straight on me being selfish so I rule that out. I think the physical discomfort takes it’s toll on your emotional well being. I am a hugger and a few friends gave me hugs last night that hurt a bit. Lit me up in fact. No ill will on their part, they just didn’t know. So a big part of the night I was trying to protect myself from harm lol. I had my brace on for my wrist and did my best to stay seated to avoid hugs. Probably should have got some safety tape and quarantined myself.

    In Church today it made me think of times where sometimes you are not mentally there. Everyone seems to be enjoying the Spirit and you are looking from the outside in thinking “what am I missing?” It was a bit like that last night. I hope I can do better this next week at the Sundance Film Festival Events. It will be awesome and I want to experience awesome to. This has become one of our biggest marketing events of the year and I need to be at my best. Maybe understanding where I am at will help. I think it’s ok to have an off day but when you feel that way at least getting your head straight helps. The stress of imbalance messes with you and it’s depressing. So thank you to my friends that lent and ear and offered some great advice. ♥️

    Here is the venue for our Sundance Event this coming week. A ski in/ski out property with nearly 13,000 sq ft of space. It is going to be a great week.


    A couple of weeks ago I took a pretty hard fall coming down some stairs. I was happily talking away and rolled my ankle in my heels, hit the railing, then the stairs and landed on the cement. I told the kids to just let me die. Sprained my wrist again and cracked some ribs. As you can imagine, I have been a bit unhappy about my current circumstances. I am pretty active and walking has been my limit. I have enjoyed more frequent massages, which have been mostly nice. This radically effects my enjoyment of winter sports, specifically skiing in Park City, during the Sundance Film Festival. So anyway to catch you up. The boys won their basketball game last Saturday and this Saturday.

    They had their first practice in the Fieldhouse Tuesday and it was officially completed Wednesday. Last night was the Open House. Gave Tours, handed out t-shirts, had a youth game, then an adult game of basketball 🏀. Pizza, breadsticks and rootbeer were served from the concessions area.

    I didn’t plan the event, but I was really happy with it. Wanted a more low key casual night and my friend did a great job in planning just that. Keith scored 15 points and went 3 for 5 from 3-point land. The kids loved watching their coaches play and so did I! Hired some real refs, which was a new experience for the kids. They played one of the teams Keith’s friend coaches. After the games we lit up the Barn and Fieldhouse. Love being able to control the scoreboard and music right off my iPhone or iPad. Technology is super cool! Last Friday we had a Ward Temple Day. It was a special experience doing Initiatories and an Endowment in the morning session, then Sealings in the evening session. Not everyone could make both but we had a great turnout. Afterwards was an ice cream social to wrap up the day. The young women watched the little kids from the younger families so their parents could attend. The youth went for baptisms Saturday morning.

    Anyway that has been my week. Not in chronological order lol. Next week is the Sundance Film Festival. Attending two Jazz games, four nights of events, lots of skiing ‘sigh’ and a day at the spa. It is going to be a great week despite not skiing. Can’t wait to see everyone.