Change of Plans

Monday, President’s Day, we had the chance to ski Kelly Canyon. It is a local ski resort close to Idaho Falls. This weekend we planned to go ski Pebble Creek. Unfortunately plans had to change. I can’t go into too much detail but one of our boys has some serious health issues. It has been a growing concern for about a year. Have had him into a couple of doctors and been told he is fine, he will grow out of it, etc. Finally found someone that took our concerns seriously and yes there is a real problem. It is hard watching a child hurting and his health deteriorating. I’ll admit we are scared, but relieved answers are coming so we can get him better. They have expedited our appointments to Monday at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. So yes it is serious.

Monday will come soon enough for all of us. He decided a Star Wars Movie Marathon would be a lot of fun. So we thought let’s invite some of his friends. He had missed school every day this week but Tuesday. As we called parents to invite his friends I was overwhelmed with gratitude. The responses were “yes he will be there and what can we bring?” “What can we help with?” “I will be right there!” We are not used to having people rush to serve us. It is humbling and for a scared momma it was needed more than I realized.

For the party we made light side and dark side cupcakes. Red icing for the Sith cupcakes and green, yellow, blue and even purple for the Jedi ones. Koolaid was mixed up in the same colors. Friends brought pizzas, wings and other snacks for the movies. Our son’s eyes lit up as we celebrated his awesomeness. The kids watched Episode I and II in the Theater. Adults caught the Jazz game which was insane. Can’t believe they lost 148-147 in double overtime. Crazy losing a game we needed to Oklahoma City. A few very close friends stayed really late talking. I think often we forget when we are in crisis mode how badly we need others. It was a precious moment of shared tears.

Our youngest son’s final league basketball game was Saturday. Early morning games at 8 are rough after a late night. Kids won 53-7 and finished the season 7-1. Rough having that one loss for that first game Coach didn’t make due to travels. After the game we were having a catered team breakfast back at the Homestead for players, coaches, families and sponsors. Wrapped that up with recognition awards and post season video interviews. One of the things the kids will get is a DVD of the 2019 Jazz Season. The Moms got recognized as well and we had tees to give the kids along with some great speeches from the Coaches. Love that Keith enjoys coaching so much. I was worried how semi-retirement was going to be for him. He has really found something he is passionate about.

So we are back to Star Wars movies this afternoon and evening plus the Jazz vs Mavericks and BYU vs Gonzaga games at 8. Kids want to get Episode III, Solo, Rogue One and Episode IV finished before the a Intermission Week. Tomorrow afternoon Keith and I will take our son to Utah for at least one day of more tests and seeing the specialists. Not sure yet if we come home Monday or Tuesday or what but we cleared the schedule. He is a fighter and a great kid. Praying for the best.

Hawaii Tour

Ten days, four islands, three classes, three VIP breakfasts, one Summit. We worked hard and we played hard. First stop was the Big Island for an evening event and a VIP Breakfast. A repeat in Kauai. Friday we arrived on Maui for the Summit on Saturday and Sunday attended Church. Finished up on Oahu for a night of sexual fun and a day of swimming with our favorite dolphins. Wrapped up Monday night with another event and VIP Breakfast Tuesday morning. We got a little beach time before having dinner and catching the red eye back to reality. It was a very successful trip. Grateful to our leaders that made awesome happen.

Big Island property. Highlights included the outdoor shower, incredible views and some great outdoor space for the meetings.

Kauai property. Highlights included an incredible pool area, outdoor entertainment space, and that bridge. Kauai is so very beautiful.

The Four Seasons Resort on Maui was breathtaking. Highlights included the Beach and Pool, a morning at the Spa, the food and the rooms. I got the hot rock massage! Grateful for so many supporting the local island events and still coming to the Summit. The Resort was literally 360 degrees of beautiful.

Oahu property. Highlights included that beach we will never tire of, a sexy naughty night with a couple of hot guys. I love DP! Second time and oh sooooo good. We had three on two but they held their own most of the night. Had sex on the beach and a girl threesome the guys enjoyed watching. Swimming with dolphins is the highlight of the trip every single time. It makes me so happy that they remember us. Dolphins are such happy creatures and are so intelligent. It just brings such joy to your soul being with them.

Even though it was a very busy schedule I am grateful we were able to fit in some fun. The spa, food, sex, swimming with the dolphins and beach time was a nice and needed break. We have never had so many people sign up in a single trip, anywhere. They are on fire out there and it is inspiring. I look forward to coming back. I still am not sure of whether a sunrise or sunset is better in Hawaii. I need to see a few more to come to a conclusion.

Let’s Talk About Sex

This post will probably not find the right audience, which is unfortunate. I doubt the men that follow this blog would share this post with their spouse, it might result in a throat punch. So there is probably wisdom in just knowing that some of us understand. It does infuriate me that so many women lack awareness of their husbands needs. One thing I have discovered about men is that so much of their Joy in life is tied to sex and intimacy. Not being in balance causes huge dissatisfaction in the relationship. So here it is ladies, as honest as I can make it.

Valentine’s Day is not about you, it is about him. He tries to show you a softer side and take you to dinner, send you flowers, write a love note or poem. That is all great, enjoy it. But at the end of the day, start of the day or in the middle of the day give him some great sex. There is no better time to remind him he is your Knight. Make it so good for him you enjoy it to. This is the first of the non-negotiable dates. Even though you may think it is your day, enjoy the pampering, but make it his day.

Your Anniversary is about both of you. This day has to include intimacy. So plan it, enjoy it and make time for each other. There is no better day of the year than to talk, listen, set goals and make love. Nothing and no one is more important than him on this special day. Recommendation, the Threefer.

His Birthday can be the greatest of days. Like the other two non-negotiable days, celebrate under the covers. My thoughts on birthdays is he should start the day with a stupid grin on his face and end it the same way. Surely once a year you can find the energy and blow his mind. Speaking of blow, this is the day you give him head. Step up and you will see a guy ready to conquer the World. Sex makes the man. Great sex makes him yours forever.

I get that sometimes we are sick, don’t feel well, on our periods or just tired. If it’s just bad timing and not in the cards either make sure he knows you were looking forward to the special sex and schedule a date or offer a hand job or oral and a promise of more to come. Don’t let the these special days pass. If you want to improve your marriage 1000% this is where you start. Ignore this and it’s only a matter of time and you will find a deteriorating relationship in not too long a time. #Truth

Valentine’s 19

It is nice to be home from Hawaii. (Upcoming post on that experience soon.) Despite the rain, snow, clouds and wind I love being home, especially in time for Valentine’s Day. Arrived home after a long series of flights that originated in Honolulu to Seattle to Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls. Was greeted by dogs, children and My Love! Keith had gotten the boys out of school early and I think everyone in the airport thought we were hurting the dogs. They were crying and yelping as dogs do because I guess they were excited to see me lol.

It totally didn’t feel like a Wednesday. We got home, I was ready to chill by the fireplace and listen to music. My phone alarm let me know we had Young Women New Beginnings. I got ready in record speed and made it to the Church just in time. Keith was laughing at me but I made it.

This morning I got served breakfast in bed. The boys made me and our daughter breakfast. Eggs, toast, bacon, OJ and strawberries. Great way to start the day. Two dozen roses arrived around noon and I just hung out with Keith most of the day. We didn’t really do anything. He did get head and we talked for awhile about what we did while away from each other. The nap was nice.

Tonight we had 22 couples over for a catered Valentine’s Day dinner here at the Homestead. We had a young lady playing the Harp. Such beautiful music. After dinner entertainment…Karaoke. For those that know us, this is one of our favorite things ever! Anyway the Party is still going on and my performance of Madonna Ray of Light was very awesome! Not bragging, just saying. Keith sang Redneck Roses by Tracy Byrd and my heart melted. He is going to get so lucky tonight. The Party song everyone sang was Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen. Glad to see so many peeps taking a turn singing. We will be lighting the Barn red soon, then calling it a night. I hope everyone had a romantic evening.

BYU vs Gonzaga

Well some years BYU is competitive, other years not so much. Keith and I came down for the basketball game on January 31st. With Gonzaga ranked 4th we weren’t exactly expecting BYU to win but losing by 30. Come on BYU! How do you not get up for that game? The Cougarettes performance was great as always. We had R&R BBQ for an early dinner plus we got to see our son and his friends.

Post Game Party was decadent. We have started going all the way with each other’s spouses but so far it has been in the dark, under covers and not so much in the open. Gasps and moans are fun to hear. This night though things were much more open. It was hot watching and we had some fun 2 on 1 action. So where before it was sort of happening and not really talked about this time it was very visual and like watching our own private porno. My favorite part of the night was the guys taking turns. So hot experiencing three different cocks in less than 10 minutes. This has all been pretty new after years of the no penetration rule. I will confess this. I am personally really enjoying it. No apologies it is just a lot of pleasure. Glad we could give the guys a fun night before we left for Hawaii and Tour.

On Friday we went to Village Inn for breakfast then Keith and I crashed for a few hours. Before we left for Idaho we had lunch at dōTERRA with some business partners. Keith went to get our son and he caught a trip home to Idaho with us for the weekend. I was able to get him on the flight with me back to SLC on Monday morning where he took an Uber back to Provo. The weekend included our youngest sons basketball game, basketball in the Fieldhouse and a couple of games of Volleyball. Wrapped up the day watching the Jazz lose to the Rockets. Disappointing loss. Seriously! I was not quite ready for volleyball with my ribs. Bowed out after one game but it was fun to watch. Was fun having the whole family home Sunday.