Valentine’s 19

It is nice to be home from Hawaii. (Upcoming post on that experience soon.) Despite the rain, snow, clouds and wind I love being home, especially in time for Valentine’s Day. Arrived home after a long series of flights that originated in Honolulu to Seattle to Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls. Was greeted by dogs, children and My Love! Keith had gotten the boys out of school early and I think everyone in the airport thought we were hurting the dogs. They were crying and yelping as dogs do because I guess they were excited to see me lol.

It totally didn’t feel like a Wednesday. We got home, I was ready to chill by the fireplace and listen to music. My phone alarm let me know we had Young Women New Beginnings. I got ready in record speed and made it to the Church just in time. Keith was laughing at me but I made it.

This morning I got served breakfast in bed. The boys made me and our daughter breakfast. Eggs, toast, bacon, OJ and strawberries. Great way to start the day. Two dozen roses arrived around noon and I just hung out with Keith most of the day. We didn’t really do anything. He did get head and we talked for awhile about what we did while away from each other. The nap was nice.

Tonight we had 22 couples over for a catered Valentine’s Day dinner here at the Homestead. We had a young lady playing the Harp. Such beautiful music. After dinner entertainment…Karaoke. For those that know us, this is one of our favorite things ever! Anyway the Party is still going on and my performance of Madonna Ray of Light was very awesome! Not bragging, just saying. Keith sang Redneck Roses by Tracy Byrd and my heart melted. He is going to get so lucky tonight. The Party song everyone sang was Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen. Glad to see so many peeps taking a turn singing. We will be lighting the Barn red soon, then calling it a night. I hope everyone had a romantic evening.

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