Time Flies

I just noticed I haven’t written a blog post since February 23rd. That is almost two weeks. When I am home I tend to be far less exciting. Not off to exotic destinations and doing insanely crazy things. Maybe it’s a bit of home time being more personal time. I try to be pretty open but there definitely is a private side to me. When I am not traveling I don’t write in my blogs as faithfully. We still do things and I am still having a good time, it is just harder to write while at home even if not as busy. Anyway, the last couple of weeks have included watching BYU and Jazz games with friends, finishing the Star Wars Marathon, an afternoon of Laser Tag, morning of rock wall climbing and some wonderful acts of kindness from friends for our son. Pretty humbling to feel so much love.

This last week we had a lunch event here for Roses and Friday night will be Food Club. I bought an insane amount of peeps to give away. That was kinda fun seeing the cashier’s wtf expression at checkout. Keith and I considered going to see BYU play in the Conference Tournament but right now we seem content to stay close to home. I’m not going to the East Coast with my friends for dōTERRA Tour this month. Right now the Universe is keeping me close and I am ok with that. I was up late last night listening to very loud music. I love looking up the lyrics of songs. They come alive to me in new ways and helps me find balance when I feel off. Some nights it is good to have the Barn to yourself so you can dance and sing in private. Thank you to many that follow this blog for the private messages of kindness and prayers for us. We are grateful and it has brought much peace.

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