March Weekend

Things have been relatively quiet around the Homestead. This weekend we caught up on some fun. Took a walk down by the Temple Friday morning. Winter is hanging on for a bit longer and I’m totally fine with that.

Friday night kicked off with Food Club. Steak, baked potato, yams, broccoli and some dancing after. A friend shared a new song with me recently and it was our last song. Chris Young Gettin’ You Home. Here is the link. One of my new favorites! I love dancing, especially the two step, it really made my night.

Saturday we caught Captain Marvel in the theater mid-morning. I loved the movie! It was just a great story and had a Guardians of the Galaxy feel to it. Looking so forward to Avengers End Game. The teaser in the end credits really left you wanting more.

Saturday afternoon we went down to the Palisades for some snowmobiling. It is so beautiful down there and so much snow. We haven’t taken the sleds out enough this year. I am grateful we still were able to get away and enjoy an afternoon. Seriously I think our family would be game to go snowmobiling every day.

On a negative note the BYU Cougars lost to San Diego in the conference tournament. I was embarrassed for our program. What a horrible game and crappy way to end Saturday. Something needs to happen at BYU because they suck.

Sunday I was up early making breakfast. I crashed for a nap later in the day. Keith and I are taking some friends with us and heading down to see the Utah Jazz game tomorrow night against Oklahoma City. Hoping to see Westbrook lose it lol. Go Jazz! Looking at a property in Park City Tuesday morning then headed back to Idaho. On a side note I am so looking forward to March Madness. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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