Pebble Creek Skiing

Our son came home this weekend from BYU. Finally! He brought three of his friends and we have had a full weekend. Last night we watched the Duke vs North Carolina semi-final game and it was insane. Duke had to fight hard to get back in it. Tied up 44 at halftime then a yo-yo second half with lead changes and just a slugfest. Duke won 74-73 by hanging on to that one point lead. I wore my Duke hat for good luck. You are welcome (:

The boys did some indoor rock climbing last night and were up late playing video games. This morning I got up early and made scones and hot chocolate. We decided on driving down to Inkom to ski and snowboard at Pebble Creek. First time for us there and it was Actually really good. Nice having two great places close by. Had some hamburgers for lunch and just enjoyed a beautiful day on the slopes.

Tonight we grilled some steaks for dinner and watched the Jazz game and the Duke game. I am so excited for the NCAA Tournament. March Madness Baby! It’s going to be an awesome couple of weeks. The kids are watching a movie in the theater now. I am hanging with the dogs and Keith. Tomorrow we will go to church and then feed these boys before they head back to school. It was so good having them here.

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