March Madness 2019

I love March. It is a most wonderful time of the year. Conference Tournaments, Selection Sunday and the Big Dance. Keith and I decided to host our first ever March Madness Event and Fundraiser. Guests were coming and going Thursday thru Saturday here at the Homestead. In the bar we had several games on the different screens. Catered fan food, PlayStation 4 basketball on one of the big screens, pool, darts, table soccer and lots of smack talk. Honestly I was exhausted but we had so much fun. Usually there were around 50 to 100 guests at any one time. The Jar was out and over the 3 days we raised $3200 for the Foundation. Our saying was “leave a few dollars, stay awhile, eat a lot!” There were a few generous souls.

So you might be wanting to know who I picked for the Final Four. My choices were as follows.

I have Gonzaga for the win. I know you are surprised. In the Tournament there is no loyalty! Despite the fact I can’t stand Gonzaga they are that good, experience going deep into the Tournament over the last few years, and that loss in the conference championship to St. Mary’s hurt. I just think it is their year so there you go. So after two rounds I have 14 of the 16 teams remaining so this next week is going to be fun. Have some friends from Utah coming up for the March Madness Event this week. It’s going to get insane! Honestly I needed Sunday to recover after this first week.

We got up this morning and headed to Utah for follow up visits to Primary Children’s Hospital for our son. I have been anxious for days. From what we can tell it feels like progress is being made but today we got concrete results. His bloodwork and ultrasound came back showing some good improvement. He still has a long road ahead but so very grateful for good news. Prayers have been answered for sure. We come back April 2nd to see yet another specialist. I think both Keith and I shared a moment of gratitude when the doctor was going over the results. I looked at him and nothing needed to be said, you could see it all in each other’s eyes. I appreciate him in my life.

Tonight we are celebrating. After the doctor’s appointment we headed to City Creek for a little shopping. He needed some new shoes and pants since gaining 7 pounds over the last month. Crazy! After shopping we dropped off our bags at the Courtyard Downtown Hotel. Now we are headed to the Jazz Game. Jimmer Mania tonight with the Suns in town.

It is going to be rockin’ tonight. Hoping he gets a few shots in. Fredette is just the nicest guy in the World. So tonight it’s about fun, I don’t even care who wins! Just full of smiles and Joy this afternoon.

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