Strike Zone

A lot going on this month. Youngest decided he wanted to try baseball. Daughter is going to be graduating high school soon. Prom and Senior pics were a big thing. Oldest son at BYU relaunched his high school business. Keith has spent weeks mentoring him through the process. Finally me…Mandy brought it to my attention I was within striking distance of Blue Diamond rank this month. So yeah, it has been an exciting few weeks.

To make Blue I had some volume I needed to happen. Our team in Phoenix and Las Vegas performed a miracle last week. It was just an inspiring week to be with them and to meet so many new people. Well prepared people. The week started with the flight to SLC to meet Mandy and then on to Phoenix. I won’t bore you with the details but I made up the 5000 volume I needed in Phoenix. We enjoyed our stay at the Palomar Hotel in Downtown Phoenix and the rooftop pool was the greatest. The second night when I officially hit rank they made me jump in the pool with my clothes on. Right of passage or something like that. Was crazy but yeah, happens. Mandy rewarded me with some really good oral sex. It isn’t every trip where we get the chance to have some sexual fun. It was really really, really good. What she does should be illegal. I swear she makes me have the most intense orgasms ever. I really needed this trip for several reasons. The sex was definitely high on that list.

Wednesday we left for Las Vegas. We got one of the Luxury Suites at the Bellagio. The dōTERRA event went very well. We did work despite what I’m telling you next. The naughty though carried over from Phoenix. One of the things you have to understand about Vegas is the perks that come with paying for the Luxury Suites. It included a Limo ride to and from the airport. VIP access to the Spa and the Hyde Night Club. Most importantly though is the VIP line at the buffet. I definitely took advantage of that. The nightclub you were right on the lake to see the fountains. They were so close it was awesome.

Hyde Night Club

Prime Steak House

Lakeview Fountain Suite

Bellagio Spa Couples Massage

We had dinner with some of our team at the Prime Steak House at the Bellagio. After dancing at the Hyde Night Club. After our peeps left we met some guys and danced with them for awhile. Nice guys, not pushy. Club music is very sexual though. Grinding is a fun way to dance. They bought us virgin drinks and we shared our VIP table. After a lot of flirting we invited them up to the room with a clear understanding we were open to some fun, but we wouldn’t go all the way. They were interested. So yeah we had some intense making out and petting. They respected the rules and everyone had fun. Made out with both guys and Mandy. They enjoyed watching that a lot. They left around 3 am. Thursday morning after breakfast we enjoyed an 80 minute aromatic massage with essential oils. It was so relaxing. After our dōTERRA event we hit the club again and met up with the guys from the night before. Night two included going a bit further. Got fingered, gave them a hand job and head. Some grinding in our underwear. It was very hot. There were gasps and orgasms. They slept over. Friday we got another pool day for a few hours after breakfast and a rushed goodbye to the guys. We barely made the limo ride to the airport. Probably good it was rushed because we almost got fucked. It was getting really close. Nothing like that feeling of a cock head sliding through your pussy lips and almost going in. Feels really good hitting both your clit and hole. Anyway it was good to get home.

Friday night Keith took the family to dinner to celebrate Blue Diamond. We ate at Chuck-a-Rama. Saturday morning we went to see Avengers End Game. It was Epic. It was also, at its core, a love story. I would say more but don’t want to spoil it. Saturday evening about 30 of my dōTERRA friends came to celebrate. Keith did BBQ. Steaks, chicken and ribs with grilled pineapple, corn on the cob and baked potatoes for dinner. Homemade ice cream and Homestead Rootbeer for dessert. Awesome floats! It was a good week.


Easter kind of came at an unusual time this year. We had some other things our focus was on. Our daughter turning 18 which included a full week of plans. Senior pics, the Utah Jazz in the playoffs and a play weekend with friends. Needless to say in all of our planning not once did any of us realize it was Easter Weekend. Once awareness hit, plans changed. We had playoff tickets for the Jazz and ended up giving them to a client and friend. That one hurt a little, they weren’t cheap. We decided to stay here at the Homestead. Our son at BYU came up here for Easter. It has been very nice having him home and the family all together.

Despite getting confused at the date of Easter there is zero confusion or doubt regarding his Divinity and Infinite Atonement. This year with the kids being a bit older we decided to pass on the Easter Egg Hunt. As a family we wanted to enjoy time together, read the account of Christ’s last days, and tonight we will have a small testimony sharing together. The kids still wanted their Easter bunnies and baskets so we did that and I made a big breakfast this morning. We sat around the table reading from the scriptures for breakfast.

I was telling a friend this morning that being close to home this Spring has brought some unexpected tender mercies. I almost regret leaving tomorrow for Phoenix and then Las Vegas later this week. I have an opportunity to hit the Blue Diamond Rank in dōTERRA this month. I am excited to see friends and meet some new people. I have been on several video calls and phone calls this week preparing. The one thing I love about dōTERRA is that when we serve others and help them realize their dreams and goals, our dreams and goals follow. The experience of facing a new week, knowing what your challenge is, and going after it is pretty thrilling. This will happen. I will even be home in time for End Game Saturday (:

Happy Easter to all. Eat well, Love greatly and may Peace and Hope fill your hearts.

Update…Keith decided to surprise the kids and hid 25 of the plastic Easter eggs with $20 in each one around the East Lawn. Suddenly the kids became very interested in hunting eggs. It was quite awesome and totally made my day!

Soul Kitchen

Jon Bon Jovi has a restaurant called Soul Kitchen. There are no prices. It is up to the guests to pay what they can or want. When I first heard about this a couple of years ago I was floored. It amazed me that this could be a thing and it worked. Around that time I also heard a story of a hot dog vendor in NYC that had no prices and let his customers pay what they would and even make their own change. The surprising thing is this business model works. The businesses actually are very profitable. There is something about giving people freedom that true generosity rises to the surface.

There is the occasional individual that takes advantage. That happens no matter what you do. This whole business model has been one of those things that I have obsessed over for awhile. Due to some of our business pursuits and philanthropic interests we had an opportunity to experiment. A year in I can tell you it works. I have seen for myself, with my own eyes. Reviewed the numbers. Interviewed the restaurant staff. Spoke with guests. Generosity flows as a direct result of freedom and trust and it flows freely.

Often I have found myself asking “Can you imagine?” Well this is one time my imagination and obsession has really brought great Joy. I know there is much evil and bad in the world but there exists so much charity and love and it is beautiful. Sometimes to change an outcome you change the rules. Paradigm drives human nature. If at the end of my days I am remembered as kind I will be rich indeed.

Old School Justice

I have never been towed. Maybe it’s because I don’t park where I am not supposed to. I was pondering on the contrast of what I will call tow truck driver justice and the current attitudes of many today. The tow truck guy sees things pretty simply. “You aren’t parked where you are allowed and I’m going to tow your vehicle.” There is wailing and threats against him, but the justice is swift and the message is clear. “You are not special.” Perhaps a little more tow truck driver justice would do society good. In the age of fluid truth and an attitude of entitlement, reality could be a valuable dose of medicine. No, it would not be fun to get your car towed and pay the fines, but the lessons learned from the consequences are sorely needed. As we become less civil the reality of consequences for continued bad behavior may come crashing down on us all.

I have always found this pic funny. The irony is it’s quite the opposite. Everyone thinks they are a VIP and special. Can you imagine the problems solved simply by us just becoming less self centered? Selfishness is the scourge of our generation. It all stems from the me mentality. Break the cycle, be good to one another. It might save you that argument with the tow truck driver and his uncompromising brand of justice.