Old School Justice

I have never been towed. Maybe it’s because I don’t park where I am not supposed to. I was pondering on the contrast of what I will call tow truck driver justice and the current attitudes of many today. The tow truck guy sees things pretty simply. “You aren’t parked where you are allowed and I’m going to tow your vehicle.” There is wailing and threats against him, but the justice is swift and the message is clear. “You are not special.” Perhaps a little more tow truck driver justice would do society good. In the age of fluid truth and an attitude of entitlement, reality could be a valuable dose of medicine. No, it would not be fun to get your car towed and pay the fines, but the lessons learned from the consequences are sorely needed. As we become less civil the reality of consequences for continued bad behavior may come crashing down on us all.

I have always found this pic funny. The irony is it’s quite the opposite. Everyone thinks they are a VIP and special. Can you imagine the problems solved simply by us just becoming less self centered? Selfishness is the scourge of our generation. It all stems from the me mentality. Break the cycle, be good to one another. It might save you that argument with the tow truck driver and his uncompromising brand of justice.

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